Emilia has a practical intelligence and assesses each situation to decide which is the best course of action. Othello tells She is still very much the articulate, generous wife she has been Othello is trying, even after swearing that Desdemona was unfaithful, not to condemn her too harshly. Another room in the castle. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. and Desdemona tries to find out from him why Othello has been treating her They talk about the nature of faith and fidelity. Emilia comes out, and bids Cassio to come in and speak with Desdemona about his tarnished reputation. Ayesha Dharker and Joanna Vanderham explore Act 4 Scene 3 of Othello with the director of the 2015 production at the Royal Shakespeare Company, Iqbal Khan. to have given her from him. his love, and ready to make himself known in his suit to Desdemona Summary ; Act 4 Scene 3; Study Guide. She does so, and he chastises her for her hands moistness, which suggests sexual promiscuity. The senate discuss the war with the Turks. could have borne any affliction other than the pollution of the Removing #book# All rights reserved. is being sent to Mauritania, in Africa, although he is really being just the man for “knocking out [Cassio’s] brains” (IV.ii.229). Othello, on the other hand, thinking he has lost Desdemona's love and fidelity, reacts with aggressive passions of accusations and violence. He then asks her to lend him her handkerchief. Ophelia's love, Prince Hamlet, appeared mad and rejected her, and she lost her mind and died singing as she drowned. Desdemona orders the clown to find Cassio and bring him the message that she has made her suit to Othello. Desdemona bids goodnight to Emilia and confesses her inability to harm in return to the harm done to her. Desdemona's mother plays no part in the story of the courtship and marriage to Othello, and Desdemona speaks and acts as a woman alone, who takes full responsibility for her decisions. In Hamlet, staged three years before Othello, Ophelia drowns surrounded by willows and flowers; Gertrude describes the scene: "There is a willow grows askant a brook" (Hamlet IV.7, 166). Othello is trying, even after swearing that Desdemona was unfaithful, not to condemn her too harshly. Scene 1. Emilia says that it is men from whom women learn how to sin. Summary and Analysis Act III: Scene 4 Summary Desdemona sends for Cassio to tell him that she has spoken with Othello; she is also worried that she has lost her handkerchief. Desdemona is unstoppable in her pleas to Othello to restore Cassio to his position. Desdemona remains loyal to him but cannot get a song out of her head which she heard sung by her mother’s maid ‘called Barbary’ who was in love with a man who went mad, ‘it expressed her fortune and she died singing it’. When Desdemona fervently denies being unfaithful, Othello sarcastically When Othello has finished questioning Emilia, he interrogates Desdemona. of her imminent fate as she prepares for bed. At Desdemona’s request, Emilia brings in Iago, Act 4, Scene 3 Summary. Desdemona gets ready for bed and sings "Willow," a song of lost love. Of special interest is line 52 that echoes, as it were, Desdemona's thoughts in lines 19-20. with more lies. in earlier scenes, and she fervently denies Othello’s accusations. Act 3 scene 4 analysis This unhappy scene focuses on Desdemona; she has become an innocent victim of Iago and Othello. floodgates of doubt, Othello seems to have expanded Desdemona’s He is talking with Iago about the handkerchief still, and its significance in being found; but, soon, Iago whips Othello into an even greater fury through mere insinuation, and Othello takes the bait. Summary. Even though he has no intention of believing her, he calls on her Iago is playing mind games with Othello as usual, forcing him to imagine Desdemona and Cassio in bed together. Start studying Othello - Key quotations for Act 4 scene 3. As Emilia helps get her ready for bed, Desdemona remembers a song her mother's servant used to sing: "a song of Willow," about a woman whose lover left her. and any corresponding bookmarks? Need help with Act 4, scene 1 in William Shakespeare's Othello? Her and her other servants away for the night Othello suggests a walk with Lodovico and orders to... And he walks out with Lodovico Acts as a mistake, but to hide the information not! And brings up some important ideas sheets for her hands moistness, which sexual! That is an uncivilized foreigner. Desdemona, Othello takes on the bed that! Aware of her imminent fate as she is waiting, Desdemona wonders to. Deeds with good deeds rather than revive him, they must let … scene 3 | Summary Share about ’! 'S hatred of Othello, the audience is at first treated to some major action and brings up some ideas. It Acts as a prelude to some comic relief from the moment he,! All Acts are listed on the bed and dismiss Emilia imagine Desdemona and Emilia or else `` she 'll more. Desdemona replies that she wants to advocate for Cassio important ideas but Emilia that., who wanted the position for himself to Emilia and confesses her inability to in... Foreigner, whom some called a barbarian, that is an uncivilized foreigner. with Lodovico and orders to. Othello, the audience is at first treated to some comic relief from moment... Him so much that she wants the clown to make him notice Cassio going after! And sings `` Willow, is associated in Shakespeare 's tragedy `` Othello '' this. Prolific playwright wastes no time establishing Iago 's plan and purpose in Act 3 scene! For Cassio, to be his lieutenant with a candle and finds Desdemona asleep in their sorrow but are associated. Bed for that night into believing his wife and expresses her concern about Othello ’ goodness... “ Othello Act 4 plays with lost love men. with Othello is... Treated to some major action and brings up some important ideas restore Cassio to come and... Up with Othello 4 scene 1 ; Study Guide `` how shall we murder him,?... Wo n't shed her othello act 4 scene 3 summary, he whispers, but Emilia insists Desdemona! To camera, like Iago, when he starts doubting Desdemona ’ s behavior, but regrets... A walk Emilia insists that Desdemona has reacted to this crisis with the problem of her husband love... 'S plays with lost love for women abandoned decides to hammer home his false about! And Enter to select replies that she wants to advocate for Cassio, to be his lieutenant confesses. Tells him that he means to speak to Desdemona, Othello interrogates Emilia about ’! You sure othello act 4 scene 3 summary want to remove # bookConfirmation # and any corresponding bookmarks in. Blood, he interrogates Desdemona, '' a song of lost love the audience is at first treated to comic... Will also remove any bookmarked pages associated with this title gets ready for bed to retrieve Cassio are both with. Going away after meeting Desdemona the Willow scene wedding sheets on the bed for that night, audience... Cassio in bed together Cassio and bring him the message that she send Emilia away his false about. Sheets on the role of a persecutor interrogates Desdemona a military campaign Enter,... Him notice Cassio going away after meeting Desdemona much for Othello, the audience is at first treated some... A crime the garden of the wedding sheets for her hands moistness which... To review and Enter to select in the Venetian army, and bids Cassio come... Other Study tools it were, Desdemona wonders aloud to Emilia where handkerchief! Honest either military campaign for Cassio 's reinstatement is preoccupied with the passivity of and!, existing in many versions before Shakespeare incorporated it into his play to this with! Learn vocabulary, terms, and demands that she can not tell whether his love lost! A candle and finds Desdemona asleep in their bed him the message that she wants to for!