End of the free exercise to learn French: Dialogue : Let's go shoppingA free French exercise to learn French.Other French exercises on the same topics : Bilingual dialogues | Buying in a shop | All our lessons and exercises. a powerpoint presentation to introduce key French shopping phrases; a fill the gaps in the conversation activity - pupils can then adapt it to role play You have spotted une brasserie and you decide to enter inside to have a coffee. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. It is important to make yourself easily understood while making purchases. Tu as raison, etest-I don't know de toute façon Other terms to describe a good deal are: -Oui, j'ai besoin d'un nouveaunouvaunouveauxI don't know pull-over et de shampoing. can take anywhere. Marché can also be used a comparative or superlative. Cette chemise me plaît beaucoup. First of all, it is very important when entering any store to always greet the clerk or salesperson with a friendly “Bonjour !” (Hello! Likewise, when you leave a store always say “Merci, au revoir !” (Thank you, good bye!)         Pas cher (Not expensive). 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"array":t}function i(e,t){var n=[];for(var r in e)e.hasOwnProperty(r)&&(n[r]=t(e[r]));return n}function o(e,r){var i=t({},e),o=document.all,a=' French lessons and exercises > French test #5928 > Other French exercises on the same topics: Bilingual dialogues | Buying in a shop [ Change theme ] > Similar tests: - Dialogue : At the department store - Dialogue : At the bakery - Dialogue : Buying shoes - Acheter-à tous les temps - Dialogue : At the chemist's. Practice speaking this essential travel French aloud by following the pronunciation on the audio. Now just set your budget, bring your porte-monnaie or portefeuille (wallet) and brave the stores, whether it be BHV, Galeries Lafayette, Chanel or Sandro! © 2020 Enux Education Limited. (e=this,!1):void 0}),e);if(arguments.length>1){var l=arguments[1],u=3==arguments.length?arguments[2]:{};if("string"==typeof l&&(l={src:l}),l=i({bgcolor:"#000000",version:[9,0],expressInstall:"http://static.flowplayer.org/swf/expressinstall.swf",cachebusting:!1},l),"string"==typeof a){if(-1!=a.indexOf(". Tu devrais acheter cette jupe, elle te va super bien. You can say that you’re just looking. - Dialogue : At the department store - Dialogue : At the dry cleaner’s - Dialogue : At the fast food. C’est un peu court, n’est-ce pas ? At the bookshop - English Vous fermez à quelle heure ? Now that you’ve got some key vocab down, it’s time to prepare your senses for the sights and sounds of Paris (or the stylish French city of your choice). Learning French becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. For this reason, to make shopping in France an enjoyable experience for you, you need to have at least an idea of the things to say in French when interacting with a salesman or woman. Clothing stores are generally called magasin (mah-gah-zan [m]) and department stores are called grand magasin (grahN mah-gah-zanN [m]). Cette couleur ne me va pas très bien. - veut-tuveux-tuveux tuI don't know dire que tu as Here’s the ultimate lesson on shopping in French for beginners! > Other French exercises on the same topics: Bilingual dialogues | Buying in a shop [Change theme] Geography, history, politics, literature... Do not copy or translate - site protected by an international copyright. ; The pronoun form with an apostrophe is used before a vowel. Let's look at an example conversation in French between a shopkeeper and a customer. Shopping for a little black dress, shoes for walking on cobblestone streets, or the perfect high-waist jeans for lounging by the Seine? - Vocabulary-Shopping - FLE-Où faire ses courses? Spoken French is very repetitive. 20 Common French False Friends to Watch Out For, 10 Awesome French Podcasts For French Learners, 9 Great Channels to Learn French on YouTube, 10 Tasty Tips for Teaching Yourself French, 7 Awesome Songs to Help You Learn French Through Music, 15 French Idioms You Should Know But Don’t, 15 French Slang Words Every French Learner Should Know. FluentU brings authentic French videos within reach of any learner. 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