Their suggestion - make the island smaller . All with up to 5 years interest-free credit. The wooden worktops are Howdens 60mm solid oak block and we have an integrated With 400 branches nationwide for trade only supplies at trade prices you'll find one near you. For example, fitted laminate worktops for an average sized kitchen may cost £2,000-£3,000. Certainly a lot more expensive than IKEA! Another website that I love for ikea fronts and door handles is And even more enjoyable cos you’ve had to wait for it. Again, these are gorgeous fronts and worktops to make your Ikea cabinets feel bespoke. Our depot in Plymouth stocks a range of products including integrated kitchens, kitchen appliances, … ', he said yes and then had no other involvement with them - we did the design direct with them, got the cost direct from them and even paid them direct. And about your post, great list. You should check it out. Seems like a nightmare unless you have services running along the floor? It’s based on the reviews of thousands of kitchen buyers and our lab test assessments of kitchen units from some of the big name brands, including John Lewis, Ikea and Wickes. We got a quote from them and it was still lower than Ikea, but hear their prices are going up on 5th March so need to get in quick! Alas, we’ve decided that our kitchen won’t end up being done this year so we’ll continue to cook one pot meals on camping stoves until at least 2020 but this post has been useful research for me, too, so at least we will be well informed when we do start the works. We also used DIY kitchens and they were excellent, quality is great, but you need to do more of the design yourself (they will check your design and run through on the phone). Definitely worth splashing out on decent worktops if you can too. It IS a hassle in terms of doing the design yourself but worth it in the end. They quoted a starting point of £10K for our small galley kitchen, when I called to cancel our appointment they couldn’t have been ruder. Quite expensive when looked at like that not only to your purse but also the environment. Wood, granite and marble, meanwhile, can easily head over the £4,000 mark. What is Howdens range of cabinet sizes like? Made to your measurements and the quality was perfect and the price I found couldn’t be beaten anywhere. but that’s pretty easy to replace and I’d say very good going for 11 years of constant use. Our trade price b&q kitchen cost us £2200, and it wasn’t the budget range, it was the one up if that makes sense. As someone who has never actually bought a kitchen before (the one in our last flat was totally liveable and nice and well, we just don’t really have one currently), I must admit I would never really have looked at Wickes but they have some lovely ones! Friendly, helpful and pragmatic staff who understand that people actually need to use their kitchens as well as making them look good ( which they do!). I just got it altered. An induction hob does need a little extra ventilation, but it’s not a problem (husband’s an electrician, so he knows what he’s talking about). But are they satisfied with the end results? We didn’t order door samples either so it was a gamble but I love it! He has given me the brochure to look at and took us to see a Howden's kitchen that he recently fitted in someone else's house - was the Glendevon Flint Grey range - which looked fab. I am sure if our builder was a long-standing trade account with them, then we would have paid far less but you reach a point where you are like 'enough already'.It is definitely going to depend on the designer that you deal with in any place but I get the distinct impression that Howdens lack any flair or inspiration.... Well the "designer" we saw had no flair at all.I've just worked out that if our builder has an 80% discount that they are claiming our £6,000 kitchen is actually worth £30k!! I didn't really like any of the units anyway and I think they lost interest when it transpired that they couldn't supply a piece of worktop big enough for the island I want. Their quality is far better than IKEA as well. Our kitchen is ten years old, and still in production – it doesn’t feel dated. We ended up going with DIY Kitchens (although it was very close between Ikea or Husk custom fronts) but we are very happy with the results/costs. If you have Howdens brochure - open out the front page and the flap attached to it - there are pictures of all their doors. I was quoted for a Wren kitchen and thought it overpriced for what I want. If you google "howdens kitchen technical specification" and the range … Thanks Alex, this post is great, I read it a while back and have saved it in the back of my mind for the right moment. What's the point of that? I'm thinking even with an 80% discount Howden's is going to be a lot more? At the high end, the price can be limitless depending on your specifications, but a top of the range kitchen may cost around £14,000. We bought an Ikea kitchen 3.5 years ago cannot fault the quality of it a few years later, our Ikea kitchen came in 2k cheaper than other places we looked we sourced everything else work tops, taps appliances and it was most cost effective option for us. Based on a specific layout and mid-range kitchen, we carried out snapshot research (in summer 2017) to get quotes from all the big kitchen companies. Particularly if your house isn’t a standard box! This kitchen here, the Westleigh, starts from £879. For this reason, kitchens … We have just ordered ours and it came in at HALF the price of Howdens. Jan 5, 2020 - Grey kitchen - Howdens super Matt grey clerkenwell range, quartz worktops, open ...#clerkenwell #grey #howdens #kitchen #matt #open #quartz #range #super #worktops You can ring the changes with worktops etc.A good fitter is important and I have been told that my kitchen looks as nice as much dearer ones in our town. So went for our first kitchen appointment today with Wren. A trusted and regular tradesman will get one discount, a new buyer another. Some of these quotes include utilities, some worktops etc….plus I’m kind of a mix and match girl so would most likely go for cheaper cabinets but then perhaps source a more expensive worktop from somewhere else. Just FYI my last kitchen was DIY kitchens…. The second, expensive and highly recommended kitchen fitter. So, it isn’t always getting what you pay for and don’t overlook B and Q – but do keep a good eye on them! A B&Q fitter wouldn’t have done this. Another brand to look into are 80/20, a range that came about after the team behind Naked Kitchens discovered that some of their customers wanted all the look of their kitchens but on a tighter budget. Her final design included all the problems that the John Lewis designer had steered me around and found solutions for. Howdens are expensive, but no builder pays close to the list price (I have seen their actual price list which should only be in the hands of builders, and it really is extortionate). Really recommend Worktop Express, who offer great value for money (especially for solid Oak worktops). We had an ikea kitchen put in just over a year ago and would highly recommend it. I took our architect measured plans to Benchmarx and she did a design from that (in conjunction with the Wickes design) but then also came out to the house to check the measurements to make absolutely sure all was ok.We have a large kitchen and paid about £6,500 in Benchmarx. He didn’t listen to what we wanted, tried to overrule our decisions, didn’t resubmit plans before starting work and was generally difficult and arrogant to deal with. These will give me some great ideas. As you say, lead times are short and that is our problem too. but their pricing was way too much than we can afford. To establish the cost of a Howdens kitchen, you first need a trade professional on board. A man in his early 20s who had clearly never used a kitchen by himself in his life. I haven't seen a brochure only their website. I don't have time to wait for DIY kitchens or the other places that take a month or more to deliver. This post is exactly what I need as planning my kitchen renovation at the moment. Our kitchen is the Howdens Fairford kitchen range which is in a ‘shaker style’ and the colour is Cashmere. Great inspiration! Can anyone tell me which styles in the Howdens range are the cheapest (not the flatpack one)? This is such a useful post and I can’t wait to see your 2020 kitchen too! Yes!! Make your dream kitchen a reality with our huge choice of kitchen worktops, cabinets and storage, available in a host of styles to suit any home. I have the top of the range Howdens wood one, painted cream (they call it white). They do no publish price lists. You need to make sure you add enough plinth and side panels because there is a bit of a wait if you need to make a second order. The cost of items is dependant on who is buying. Mar 9, 2015 - Explore Caroline Young's board "Howdens Kitchens", followed by 141 people on Pinterest. Obviously, every kitchen is different and priced individually but for example, oiled birch plywood cabinets for a kitchen cost between £1500 and £3000. From £315 for a typical 600mm wide base unit at Pineland (Image credit: Pineland) Used Kitchens are a Great Way to Save. Planning on reusing lots of existing appliances but getting an Ikea plan and taking it from there. It lets you multi-task and properly prep several dishes around breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. As well as by price, you can search Wren Kitchens' kitchens online by style (Shaker, modern or traditional), by finish (matt, gloss or wood) or by colours, which include muted reds, blues, greys and cream. This will also unlock our page on Kitchen cabinets, doors and worktops, where we reveal which materials best stand the test of time according to … Any full kitchen purchase from Howdens should aim for 75 - 80% discount, IME. I had a B&Q kitchen fitted about 10 years’ ago and I asked the fitter how long he thought it’s life expectancy was. Posted 3rd Jan 2018. Buying a used or ex-display kitchen is a great way to achieve a new kitchen for less. It was the poorest design of the three so don't expect some wonderful revelation. 5000. Cheap kitchen tips. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They come ready built too, so a think a really good buy if you want to try fitting it yourself. Give your kitchen a fresh new look with our replacement doors. over 11 years ago. “recent order” Written on: 12/05/2020 by Denis6636 (1 review written) Recently purchased kitchen units from Howdens Huyton depot , found service and staff to be completely … My local Howdens pretty much has everything in stock. xx. I may try them next. Howdens Accrington I have had an account for quite a number of years now and used a couple of different depots. our fitter was amazed with the quality of the units and it was cheaper than howdens etc. Copyright © 2021 | All rights reserved | Design by Gatto, For exclusive updates, musings and offers, 4 Trends I will be adopting for spring… ». Love this post – I also have to give a shout out to DIY Kitchens. The style below is called ‘Basis’ and a small kitchen would cost around £2500 (including the Ikea units, too). So i shall see if they are a bit brighter with their ideas.I did feel like for Howdens it was about what they sold that would fit in the space rather than what I needed. I would also like to add that it is worth not completely writing off more made to measure, seemingly ‘expensive’ brands. We asked 2,338 kitchen owners what they did to cut the cost of their fitted kitchens - 74% were able to. Howdens are expensive, but no builder pays close to the list price (I have seen their actual price list which should only be in the hands of builders, and it really is extortionate). did you mean ‘weren’t’ on the list? Oh this is so good to know, not heard of them before! I was quoted about 6k which is way more than I'd want to pay for a rubbish design.So what's the deal with benchmark? Does anybody know what kind of price difference their is between the two?A kitchen from DIY Kitchens was going to cost around £3,000. howdens, magnet are both good quality.Howdens kitchens are ex stock meaning that there is no waiting time for them which is handy. Hoping it will help keep our costs down now as starting to put our own plans through for a kitchen next year! The quality of the fittings etc is good and they do a brilliant range of different size cabinets and pull outs etc, but the whole process is VERY DIY and we had so many wrong / missing parts on our order that fitting took forever. For my own kitchen I would spend more and get one of the rigid kitchens … Their prices are comparable to IKEA yet they have a far more extensive range than IKEA. If you’re planning on buying a new kitchen next year, check out our guide to the best and worst kitchen brands. Our builder also fits kitchens on behalf of a well-respected Kitchen Company near me and tells me that their kitchens are usually in the £30k+ range and he says I wouldn't be able to tell the difference! Yes, I think this will be a post even I come back to in the future! I suppose I need to start with a bit of a disclaimer and mention that I am giving images, brands and rough prices here, however, every kitchen is different and has different requirements so it is still worth calling/visiting/emailing to see what kind of deal you can get. Howdens Clerkenwell Matt Square Cornice/Permit, Grey - DKA5924. It was fairly easy to do once we had got the hang of it – I managed to fit all the drawers, hidden drawers and fronts having never picked up a drill before! I was looking around on Google for some recommendations on stylish kitchens and I came across this article. Full information about new car release date, Specs and reviews Menu. I often run my hands over the tiles because they are so shiny and bumpy at the same time and it feels GREAT ? B&Q is the cheapest retailer on the British high street when it comes to kitchens, undercutting Ikea, Homebase and Wickes on price, according to a new study.. Theirs has an upstand and pink painted "splashbacks". Comparison website, Kitchen … Ignored everything I said about what I wanted and come up with a totally impractical design. We just spent most of saturday morning with a well known kitchen trade company basically telling us our really tiny kitchen will cost around 7 k…without our builders fee on top of that! 80/20 kitchens are from around £7,000, … You have to plan your own kitchen (we used the plan we had made up from Howdens! For instance, British Standard (the sister company of Plain English – pretty much the last word in luxury kitchens) was launched to address the gap in the market for more affordable yet luxury, hand-made kitchens. We have got Silestone in our new kitchen and I absolutely love them! and rarely find one I don’t like. Our cabinet doors are designed to fit the units/cabinets of top UK brands, including Howdens, Wren, B&Q, Magnet and Homebase. So I ended up with quite a few of those tiny 300cm cupboards that aren't very much use. This rules out DIY kitchens who would come in at half the prices given to me by Howdens or Wickes. Buying a Howdens kitchen? How did your fitters deal with the lack of service gap, please? However you want to do it: it’s good to have options. But it turned out wonderful and everything was perfect. We went with Benchmarx and are very pleased (they also only have a lead time of a few days). You should expect to pay around £3,250-£5,250 for a range of good quality units to fit an average sized kitchen. I reckon ikea cabinets with custom fronts is the way to go! Wherever you buy from, the key is finding a skilled fitter/joiner that you trust, and don’t just ask the supplier to fit it. But this provided list is quality-based reassuring of your money’s worth. This was from my mobile hairdresser who gets to snoop in plenty of houses! This post is exactly what I need as planning my kitchen renovation at the moment. Took what we said at face value and came up with no suggestions of their own.We then went to Wickes just to browse - their kitchen designer was very sweet and got chatting and without pressure said she'd happily do a design for us. The kitchen arrangements were good and looks affordable too. I have now given up on ikea kitchens and steer customers away from them. With Howdens make sure you get all the "upgrade" options so the decent drawers, hinges etc. x. ps, we also used ikea insides to make out bathoom with mirrored fronts…, Such a clever idea re: bathroom! I would love to tell you more but when I enquired, I was simply sent a generic press release and a photo of a woman instore rather than any of the beautiful imagery they have on their site. We loved the Ikea kitchens, but unfortunately we were being quoted around £1000+ extra by the joiner to fit an Ikea kitchen, so what you say is absolutely right! Lots of choice of doors and colours but the best bit is they can resolve issues really quickly as they tend to have the stock onsite. The saving meant we could afford the most expensive solid wood painted shaker doors. Another good option is Howdens, good quality and reasonably priced. We got a minerva worktop as I felt it was really worth investing in the worktop and it’s been fantastic. Just to give you an example of how the discount works in practice - say a kitchen unit has a … Kitchen arrived just as lockdown started, so not fitted yet, however for cost and quality you can’t go wrong, this is the second kitchen we have purchased, the company was recommended by our carpenter friend, he has fitted lots of these kitchens … This is why it has become more common for UK households to renovate their homes with an entire fitted kitchen … Pictures attached. Yes, I find that, in general, Ikea is made for square shaped houses – most units are 100cm etc whereas our coves are 98cm….! I'm waiting for the designs today. The difference wasn’t huge, we had the advantage of getting them locally (Ikea is 90 mins away), and their service was second to none! It should save on labour too if it takes half the time to fit! Our solid oak kitchen came from Howdens… It's worth asking around to see who others will recommend. For many homeowners, ... or even how to work out how much a new kitchen costs. Our Howdens design had been about £9k for an incomplete kitchen design (too long a story to bore you with here!) Love all the drawer organisers and stuff they do too. We used a kitchen designer so that I didn’t have to plan the kitchen myself but the company do check your order for you before you finalise and point out any obvious errors. We made a special trip from Cheshire to Norfolk to see Naked Kitchens and were so impressed that we’re now planning an extension to include a boot room, utility and pantry as well as an extended kitchen-diner and an adjoining reading room/study. This is the brochure - see P 10 for cabinet spec.If you google "howdens kitchen technical specification" and the range name of interest eg Tewkesbury, it will take you to a PDF showing all the details and cabinets. I asked if Howdens had a smaller range of cabinets which he denied.I'm unsure as to what I'm going to end up with as he seemed to think everything " couldn't be done". We asked customers of Howdens Joinery to rate its value for money and customer service, gathered feedback from owners of its kitchens on the durability and quality of … A household that's in the market for an updated range … I would also add a company called ‘David Wilson Doors’ on eBay. The best design was from an independent kitchen company who, when they found out I had an estimate from Howdens, wrote to me saying I would regret it insinuating their merchandise was of an inferior quality. When I used the kitchen planner for IKEA I found that I was going to have a lot of dead space because they didn’t have a range of cabinet sizes, where as with DIY Kitchens I will have no dead space as their size range is wide enough for me to pick and chose what works. My husband seems to think there will be a bigger choice of unit sizes than wickes where we first looked? We also do a flatpack range which if this is the style of kitchen you require then we can supply it. Category round dining tables pot ... Price range $ Min Price; 10; 50 - $ Max Price; 50; 100; Rating. Fingers crossed it’ll all be worth it in the end…, I always think, in the big scheme of things: a few months of hassle for a lifetime kitchen! The original price was £6,400 but I waited for the sale when it was £4,800. I’d also like to mention Howdens Kitchens. Book a design appointment online. We have done 2 kitchens. Not impressed with the finish either, we got it custom painted in Farrow & Ball Hague Green and we already have a few chips on the doors ? Your email address will not be published. Prices will generally be higher in London and the south … xx. We also went for a DIY kitchens kitchen. Another recommendation for DIY kitchens…. Initially, we were worried that the logistics of buying the fronts, countertop, cabinets and appliances from different suppliers would be tricky, but as we had room to store them and have them ready by the time we would install it actually went surprisingly smoothly. I am in the process of having a kitchen refit, using DIY kitchen planner to design my kitchen with their units. new , Brown BLK FRAME 16 CYLINDER DISPLAY by Cal-Mil . We ended up getting ours from Howdens, as it worked out cheaper. We asked customers of Howdens Joinery to rate its value for money and customer service, gathered feedback from owners of its kitchens … Howdens apparently don't do tambour fronted dresser units either which I really wanted to make the most of an awkward space. My partner had an Ikea kitchen done last year and it was a nightmare. I love this. It wasn’t especially cheap either, once you add end panels and soft close hinges etc it is no cheaper than any other high St kitchen company. They were an absolute splurge but I saved quite a bit on the cupboards and appliances so I went for it. I’m sure your eventual kitchen will look fab. and usually their kitchens start at £12,000. Again, bridging the gap between the love of joinery and traditional carpentry with more affordable pricepoints, you can send them your Ikea kitchen plan along with your preferred kitchen design for a quote. It cost me about £10K, and I paid extra for independently sourced Granite, and my flooring is from another supplier too. Brilliant fitters, but dreadful delivery issues from B and Q. See more ideas about howdens kitchens, kitchen diner, kitchen inspirations. Kitchens have conventionally been used to prepare family meals, store food and organise utensils and crockery. Have used them 3 times now. they’re so beautiful, I was really surprised that DIY Kitchens were on this list. In fact no-one buys non induction electric hobs in Denmark anymore! I fitted the very bottom of the range flat pack Howdens kitchen when refurbishing the kitchen in a rental house we were tidying up to sell. Hi I am looking at Howden's kitchens as these are favoured by my builder and they are offering various discounts this month. We are just in the process of fitting our IKEA kitchen with fronts from Reform and it is absolutely stunning – we couldn’t be happier. They also gave us no info on starting prices, so you’ll have to guess it’s affordable and ogle over Kate’s beautiful Ikea kitchen instead (thanks for helping me with imagery, Kate!). This stylish 3 beds 2 baths features open concept living with a modern kitchen including SS appliances and featuring tile floors!