Yes, Collonade Gray would be lovely with dark brown. I have lots of sunshine and greenery. I painted one with Labrador blue. You can use greige virtually anywhere. Hi Susan! My little couple that moved in was delighted and everything they own blends beautifully with the CG. If you love orange hues, then the greige paint is right up your alley. For those of you who've dabbled in paint colours, I'm sure you've heard of Benjamin I renovate properties and PPG Cool Concrete is a wonderful greige color as we think it is very warm and appealing. Jun 19, 2018- Benjamin Moore balboa mist VS Edgecomb Gray vs revere pewter VS gray owl VS Stonington Gray in a Northern lighting kitchen with sunlight . ~Kylie. I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. Well, I would say that I love the way Sherwin Williams colour matches, but not AS confident with BM’s colour matching.They aren’t bad at all, I just haven’t had as much experience with matching SW into BM as I tend to go the other way. I just wanted to thank you so much for this post! Thanks for watching. ~Kylie, Hi Kylie, It has white angled ceilings, two windows flanking the fireplace that also face SW and a class sliding door perpendicular to one of the windows. We have medium (orange/yellow) oak floors and a dark blue stone fireplace with a reddish/wine color sprinkled throughout the stone. Hazy Skies and Revere Pewter aren’t much different. Thank you for your help! However, even with the green being more dominant, it certainly won’t punch you in the face – it’s quite passive…but it’s there. They want a way to enjoy the simplicity and cleanliness of gray while also injecting some warmth into the interior. I had one client who painted Revere Pewter in their NW facing room and IT turned blue – like quite blue and she panicked. Revere Pewter Coordinating Paint Colors- Maybe not the violet for you- sub a blue or . Is there a similar color maybe with higher LRV you would recommend swatching? I would lean toward a dark brown that is neutral or with a slightly gray undertone vs a warm/fudgy chocolate kind of brown though…. I was afraid to use it because I have so much pine & hickory in my house (yellowy wood). Hi Diane! . I was leaning toward Revere Pewter for the walls, but wasn’t 100% sure. It’s still a pretty colour but I would have put it in a bedroom or bathroom instead had I known. This is a great example of Revere Pewter at its greenest (left side of the photo). From design ideas to hiring a contractor, we hope this blog Whether you want to create a subtle welcome at the entryway area, accent a single wall or contrast the bright light coming in–greige works to perfection. It’s affordable and it’s fun and if the info on my site isn’t quite enough, it might be the next step! I do love Collonade Gray, but perhaps you’d find it a bit dark on those gloomy days. If so, is it because of the LRV? Oy vay! So far we have looked BM’s Apparition and Revere Pewter. This is one of the biggest advantages of this shade; it goes well with almost any other color and works in almost every kind of décor. (ie: Magnetic Gray). It has brightened up my home and given it such a cozy modern feeling. Hope that helps! Comparing Two of the Most Popular Gray Paint Colors: Undertones and More! A couple of decades ago, it was a color that stood out. Need some direction with undertones. My husband and I just bought our first home and we have a lot of painting and furnishing to do. When we talk about paints, there are two brands that almost everyone knows about, Sherwin Williams and, Other Benjamin Moore greige shades you should check out include, 71 Exciting Kitchen Backsplash Trends to Inspire You, Design Trend: Blue Kitchen Cabinets & 30 Ideas to Get You Started, What is Shiplap Cladding?