£14.99. Click on an image below to narrow your search by type, for a list of our tournament quality soft plastics. And there are plenty of soft-plastic ones that fall into that category. The Creme Scoundrel; and later incarnations like the Zoom Trick Worm , the Roboworm , Berkley PowerBait Power Worm and so on, perfectly imitate a bass’s favorite snack. James Elam casting plastics / Photo by Shaye Baker BASS Soft jerkbait When Elam finds himself amidst schooling bass in the fall he’ll reach for a Zoom Super Fluke or Super Fluke Jr. Juice Bait Co. based in Brainerd, MN, carries bulk soft-plastics that are crazy affordable and catch the snot out of fish! It is a soft stick bait with a very subtle movement as it falls freely … But even the best fishing lures can be made better with some tweaks. Shop soft bait and freshwater lures at Bass Pro Shops. Craw tubes, stick baits, swimming craws, creature baits, swimbaits...you name it. The legendary Yamasenko has caught more fish than many other lure bodies put together. BANG LURES Enhanced with our BANG® Fish Attractant and our new liquid salt impregnated in the plastic. A fluke in some variation of white or silver is a perfect shad imitation. Gan Craft Jointed Claw 5inch 12cm 19g Black Smoke. Lifelike Culter Bait: Lead jig soft lure features realistic 3D laser fish eyes, plump trout shaped fish mouth, fish scale and fins to imitate the real culter fish. Big striped bass and big bluefish … We believe the best soft plastic fishing lure is the Gary Yamamoto Yamasenko. We’ve got soft plastics for bass, walleyes, crappie, bluegill, pike and just about everything else! 1. Each lure is intended to mimic a particular prey animal, so you need to use your rod and reel to create the movements of these living creatures in a metal or plastic lure. Bass lures become favorites because they do one thing well — catch bass. Gan Craft Jointed Claw 5inch 12cm 19g Junbagu Especially when bass are busting shad on the surface but won’t react to a topwater. Soft Plastic Bass Baits : Bulk soft plastic baits save you money, we have a great selection of high quality Soft Plastic Baits. Soft plastic bass fishing lures, orders over $100 Ship Free! Soft Plastic Baits: The Soft Plastic Worm Next, we take a look at the original soft plastic worm invented by Nick Creme in 1949. However, artificial lures like plastic worms, finesse worms, swim jigs, and craws require the angler to know how to “work” the lure to make it attractive to bass. Bass Assasin items from 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and up to 80% off! Some adjustments make a soft-plastic lure more versatile, allowing you to chase bass in more types of … Unique and innovative designs from Power Team Lures. That’s why soft-plastic baits are so deadly on striped bass—no other artificial lure can match the lifelike, strike-inducing action of a soft-plastic bait. Soft Swimbaits: Made of environmental friendly quality soft plastic, jig head fishing lures are soft, light but durable with fishy smell to attract freshwater / saltwater fishes. Gary Yamamoto Yamasenko – The Best Bass Worm Ever. All the … From swimbaits designed for umbrella rigs to crawfish to jig trailers to good old “plastic worms,” chances are that if there’s a fish in that water, there’s a soft-plastic bait that will catch it. I started fishing Z-Man soft-plastic baits for striped bass several years ago on an On The Water TV shoot in Boston Harbor. Find craws, creature baits, frogs, grubs, jerk baits, lizards, trailers, tubes & worms from top brands.