September 1939 to January 1940 75 Squadron. Favourite answer. Recruit training involves the transformation of civilians into airmen and airwomen who have basic military knowledge to become effective members of the Air Force team. September 1939 to January 1940 No: 215 Squadron. You could go through the trouble of leaving your home, job, family and friends and come back a failure. Royal Air Force (RAF) Pay scales from Armed Forces, How much do the RAF get paid, Royal Air Force Pay Review 2020-2021 - The Royal Air Force Pause. Air and Space Power ... leaving school with no GCSE's Nick joined the RAF where he has studied for a BSc and graduated from Initial Officer Training. Yes, it is possible to fail basic training. Sergeant Josephine Drew. If you’re joining as an officer, you’ll begin with 30 weeks of Initial Officer Training at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire, where you’ll learn important military and leadership skills. The next day with rations we travelled by train to Warrington, where, on arrival, we were met by RAF Sergeants and escorted to Padgate, a recruits basic training camp just outside the town. Basic training is around the 6 week mark - and yes, the stereotype is still true. The UK Military Flying Training System takes UK armed forces aircrew from initial training through elementary, basic, and advanced flying training phases, preparing them for their arrival at their designated operational aircraft units. Phase 1 basic training is delivered over 10 weeks at RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire, and consists of six phases as outlined in Table 5. Table 5: outline of Phase 1 Basic Training Phase Read Nick's story. This transformation through training is conducted over a period 10.6 weeks and culminates in a graduation parade. Today the site is used as Blackpool Airport and houses industry and a shopping centre. Jo deployed to Afghanistan on Op Toral in 2016/17 and is currently training … Squadrons stationed at RAF Squires Gate No: 63 Squadron. First, student pilots are taught subjects such as the principles of flight, aircraft tech and meteorology during a ground-school phase. Blackpool became the RAF's largest training area with camps at Weeton and Kirkham. It is operated by Ascent Flight Training, a consortium of Lockheed Martin and Babcock International under a 25-year Private Finance Initiative contract for the UK's Ministry of … After completing Initial Officer Training (IOT) at RAF College Cranwell, pilot training begins on the single-engine Grob Tutor with Elementary Flying Training (EFT) at No 3 Flying Training School (3FTS).