As a bonus, I offer a tested nut-free spin on this dish for those with tree nut … Thank you folks for your contribution to my research. It was served with boiled yam. 3.7 out of 5 stars 9. Every month, in my period, in memory of the torture I had to go through to make GHs 25, 000. Serve with steamed rice, yam, bank or fufu. The soup is very famous in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria. It can be a bit of a nuisance especially when you get your cloth stained. Native to Western Africa (particularly in Ghana and Nigeria) where it’s readily used, Prekese as known in Ghana or Uhio in Nigeria is part of the Pea plant family. Bring to a … Drain water in the pan. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did and it makes it to your Christmas menu. Why not try this recipe below; Don't forget to like the videos, try the recipe and share. Stay tuned for more recipes using this nutrient dense seeds. Sometimes, those Pepper and Sugar them ministries ain’t even relevant. Make use of a potato masher (or perhaps a mortar and pestle) to crush the palm nuts right into a pulp. Combine the palm nut pulp with one or two quarts (or liters) of cold water. stores). Watch how to prepare the most creative soup with a fusion of differing cultural cooking methods below; Don't forget to subscribe, try the recipe, leave comments with your feedback and share. Wrewre (as it’s locally known in Ghana) can be used for various recipes and it can be found in some Indian cuisine. I quickly said ‘thank you’ with a smile on my face as I headed out of the shop. I spent last night, thinking of ways to make, the best dry, natural Suya spice mix and decided to get some spices in the morning. In fact, she deliberately opened her restaurant near Safe Water Network's Obeyeyie water station because she understood the value of using safe water to prepare food and to serve customers. Doum nut, the nut of the doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica), native to Upper Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania. 1 Table Spoon Banga Spices, sold in stores pre-packed. It's all available at great prices with same-day shipping. How do you describe 'Chilli' in your language? Add one liter of water. Pour contents of palm nut cream concentrate into a large pot. Salt to taste. I used frozen baby Okra that I purchased from Sainsburys and blended the Okra using the lowest setting of my Vitamix blender. Peanut soup or groundnut soup is a soup made from peanuts, often with various other ingredients.It is a staple of African cuisine but is also eaten in East Asia (), the United States (mainly in Virginia) and other areas around the world. to your taste. $15.99 $ 15. 3. Add garlic, tomatoes and onions and pour the palm nuts cream in the pot. Don’t forget to subscribe, like the videos and share. Try using the Ghanaian Brown Rice for that nutty flavoured Jollof rice. My first encounter of banga soup was with mama Felix, many many years ago. How to prepare 'fufu' and fish palm nut soup 06/01/2016 ... Wash the palm nuts and pepper boil for about 45 minutes to an hour. 'Shito' translated from the Ga language (spoken by most Ghanaians, particularly by the Ga tribe from Accra, the capital of Ghana) means 'Chilli'. I microwave my sauce to ensure I retain the bright Green colour of the sauce. Cook until vegetables are soft. West African Peanut soup, Groundnut stew or Maafe. The 3 main Chilli sauces consumed by most Ghanaian households are the Green Chilli sauce made from Pettie Belle Chillies locally known as KpaKposhito. Arifoglu Home Made Turkish Premium Mild Tarhana Soup 500gr by European Nuts. Be adventurous and use the stew as a base for your Jollof rice. The outcome of my research meant one had to use CousCous Millet and  not the Millet in its natural form. Bear in mind that palm nut soup thickens as it cools so be careful not to let it get too thick before taking it off the heat. This particular sauce is enjoyed with Kenkey, boiled Yam, Banku, Akple etc. Watch how to make this soup that has got most tongues wagging and tastebuds heighten. A spicy Salsa  made from Red Chillies, Onions, Tomatoes and Salt which are grounded (using the Ghanaian earthern clay bowl with internal ridges, known as 'Asanka' and its accompanying wooden pestle) into a textured smooth consistency. I served this dish with Cumin Rice (a recipe that’s also available on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’). ‘Good morning folks. With this notion I’m filming a series of how to add spices and new flavours to your everyday dish. Add garlic, Maggi cube and sachets, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper powder and 1 teaspoon ginger powder. For that smoky flavour, why not try to char grill your Tomatoes? The ultimate Cod recipe that you need to try. Banku, Palm Nut Soup & Safe Water Ama Amponsah, entrepreneur and chef, knows the value of safe water. I guess it is called a winnower or winnow’**, **Used by the Ga people for the preparation of Kpokpoi**, *It’s called Ukeng in my dialect (Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria)**. 10 Kasoa Green Chillies (readily available in Ghana) or any Green chillies, 5 Grains of Selim and or 4 Black Cardamom (Optional), 4 Schezuan pepper (optional) Alternative: Fennel and Black Peppercorns. going to show you my version of palm nut soup made with smoked fish, super easy The series will also touch on the history, benefits and side effects of spices. Watch how prepare this flavour packed WreWre soup and more on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’, below; Enjoy this with Rice, Yam, Plantain etc (basically any carbohydrates of your choosing). The Butcher skilfully diced the boneless Beef into my preferred size whilst I contemplated whether to ask for bones or not. Step 3: Add bouillon cube, chili powder (optional) and salt My experience in Vietnam introduced me to charring of Ginger for that slight smoky and intense Ginger flavour. Simmer, covered, 20 to 30 minutes. Do you use this in your country? Another experience that influenced this soup was my first visit to Togo during my childhood. I knew  Agbadze (as known in the Ewe language) was  used in Ghana and Togo, however I was curious to know if any other country also used it and it’s local name. Spicy Palm Nut Soup with chicken. If you are unfamiliar with the mortar, it is the deeper one used for pounding corn, groundnuts etc. I decided to prepare the tastiest West African Beef soup recipe using the Vietnamese cooking method of making Pho. Calories per serving of Palm Nut Soup 248 calories of Palm Oil, (0.13 cup) 8 calories of Summer Squash, (0.25 medium) 5 calories of Red Ripe Tomatoes, (0.21 tomato) 4 calories of Shrimp, cooked, (0.13 oz) 0 calories of Ginger Root, (0.10 tsp) Most Green sauces loose their bright Green colour and instead have an Olive green colour when cooked. Over a year ago, I was gifted Cassava and Plantain by my sweet Aunt. The inclusion of Garlic and Ginger (apart from their great nutritional content) to the salsa has gently crept into the recipe and its a welcome distraction. The palm nut soup is a very famous one in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria, quite yummy and can be eaten with almost any meal of your choice. Gently squeeze any leftover scotch bonnet between the fingers and put into the Palm Nut soup for extra heat. See video below; Tips  Renderin... Meat Pies (popularly known in Ghana), are actually Meat Turnovers if we have to go by their definitions. Pour water to the level of the meats and cover. Also called the gingerbread palm, the 15.2-metre (50-foot) tree has a slender trunk and smooth branches, each tipped with a rosette of small, stiff, green, fanlike leaves. The fruit has a sweet fragrance that can be lost if not stored properly and doubles up as a spice. cream  (You can get in your African soup. WreWre (Muskmelon or Cantaloupe seeds) soup is rich in Vitamin A, C, Folic acid potassium to mention but a few nutritional contents.. When I watch him eat it, I feel at peace. It is also known as Maafe, Peanut soup or Sauce d’arachide. It is also very versatile which makes it perfect for any season of the year. My excitement of receiving these African ingredients was short lived,... Tomato stew is to a Ghanaian, what Passata is to an Italian. **Used for winnowing? (If the meats softens before the stock fish, remove the meats and cook the stock fish until tender) Once done, add the palm nut cream and stir to loosen. Picture below is tagged with the Biryani spice mix recipe. The idea behind this recipe is to create other inspiring ways to using our local spices, create new flavours and recipes. The sauce can have either a smooth or textured consistency depending on each individuals preference. That’s the question you will be asking when you make this flavour packed and healthy Okro soup. The SPICE series covers how to choose, store and incorporate natural flavours to any meal. If you prefer a thicker soup add no more water. I blurted my question out not realising l was thinking out loud. and add the smoked fishes, season with black pepper. My next dilemma was what to cook, Pho or Beef light soup? to make and so yummy ! Groundnut/Peanut soup is a rich, nutty, and palate-pleasing meal when served with rice, plantains or any starch. Boil another pot of water. I watched as three women using a pestle and mortar (the type we use in Ghana for pounding Palm nut) dip the pestle into water and took turns in pounding the Yam Fufu. Palm nut soup or palm butter soup is my favorite West African I urge every Ghanaian to promote Ghana positively to the rest of the world and support more local businesses. For a healthier soup use leaner meat, fish or seafood. It is ready when the soup thickens and the red oil appears 1 tablespoonful of Organic cold pressed Coconut oil, 200g of smoked Fish (optional) or 1 teaspoonful of powdered dried Shrimp. The recipe also touches on how to plate your dish beautifully. Freda Muyambo (CEO of Tarts & Crumble based in Nigeria). Mum took me to a local Togolese Chop Bar where we had the most amazing Yam Fufu with Goat Meat light soup. is the new version of, © Copyright 2012 Oumou Bah - All Rights Reserved, 1 can of palm nut Only 13 left in stock - order soon. My question read…. One of such soups is the banga (also known as Palm nut) soup. Other options New from $12.90. Prekese is usually used in making drinks and soup such as (Palm nut soup, Banga soup or Light soup) and it is rather unusual to use it in stews. THE PERFECT GROUNDNUT SOUP RECIPE (NKATIE KWAN), TRIPLE GARLIC FLAVOURED FRIED RICE RECIPE. 80g of Wild Melon seeds (WreWre seeds) Readily available at most African grocers or online. If you have yet to try this unique and wonderful combination of peanuts with tomatoes and spices, then you’re in for a treat! It has no fat, cholesterol or saturated fat and helps boost one’s immune system especially during the cold months. Watch how to prepare this dish on my YouTube channel, 'Ndudu by Fafa' below; CHOP BAR BEEF LIGHT SOUP (A FUSION OF CULTURES), THE TASTIEST GOAT MEAT STEW INFUSED WITH PREKESE, THE HEALTHIEST AND TASTIEST OKRO SOUP RECIPE EVER, HOW TO COOK THE TASTIEST WREWRE SOUP (MUSKMELON SEEDS). You can enjoy the soup on its own or with Banku, Gari Piñon, Eba, Kenkey, Rice balls or your preferred carbohydrate. Cook onion, bell pepper, and garlic until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Tell me more. This recipe is quite labour intensive and you may substitute with canned palm pulp which is as nutritious as the fresh fruits. Add garlic and cook for 1 more minute. Add beef. -Dilute palm nut extract with warm water and bring to a boil. HOW TO COOK THE TASTIEST WREWRE SOUP (MUSKMELON SE... QUICK DOUGHNUT RECIPE (BOFLOT, BOFROT, PUFF PUFF, BEIGNETS). My recipe excludes the aforementioned food enhancers but instead incorporates Green Peppers and Coconut oil for that added flavour. The Yam Fufu was the silkiest and softest Fufu I’ve had to date coupled with the perfectly spiced and aromatic Goat Meat soup. Buy soup mixes, soup crackers & everything you need for a delicious bowl of soup from it soak for a minute or so and then cut it into medium piece. Every street corner had a Pho stand where a broth made from bones and spices will boil for hours. After 10 minutes, add in the palm oil, braised meat, crayfish, and cook for another 5 minutes. Ndudu by Fafa, London, United Kingdom. Peel and cut 2 onions in half. The term groundnut is used interchangeably with peanuts- It is called peanuts in America but most people outside of the states refer to it as Groundnut. minutes or more. My first experience of having Pho was during my visit to Vietnam about 5 years ago. The Butcher said ‘sure’ as he used his machine to cut the bones into sizeable chunks and added it was ‘free’. Add onions and pepper and continue cooking on high heat for another 5 minutes. On this first episode I talk about the African Nutmeg (which is an inexpensive alternative to Nutmeg) its benefits, side effects and how to incorporate it into a recipe. 4.Remove tomatoes and onions, grind and return to soup. Add curry powder and cook, stirring constantly for 1 minute. SHOULD YOU BRINE YOUR FISH BEFORE FRYING? The idea behind this recipe is to create other inspiring ways to using our local spices, create new flavours and recipes. During my childhood Mum made a dish known as ‘Korklui’ where the fermented Corn dough was turned into granules using a flat wooden sieve known as ‘Agbadze’ and boiled into a porridge. The BANGA SOUP (PALM NUT SOUP) 4 Cups Banga/Palm nuts, an alternative is canned Palm Nut extract sold in supermarkets. In the name of sticking to the recipe for the Millet Couscous  find the list of ingredients below; Watch how to make your own Gluten free Couscous below; Don’t forget to subscribe, try the recipe, leave comments with your feedback and share, 250g of Basmati Rice with a minimum age of 10yrs. Step 2: Heat the pot, and add the smoked fishes, season with black pepper. Grab the respective ingredients below and watch what happens when you brine your Fish b... 'Tea bread' in Ghana, is similar to the taste of a classic white loaf. Put pounded palm nuts in … Also,taste to see if the fresh taste of the palm is completely gone]. Peanut soup (also known as groundnut soup) is a dish with variations enjoyed throughout West Africa. If you are using the palm soup base, add the 1 litre of hot water (boiling this time) to it and using a laddle, stir it till it is smooth and seive it into the pot of steaming meat. This makes for a quick recipe. in the pot. Banga soup is a popular Nigerian soup prepared with palm nut extract or juice, this soup is native to Igbo tribe and it is commonly eaten with boiled rice or starchy bolus. Watch how to make this tastiest (best kept secret of Nigeria) recipe of Eba and Egusi on my YouTube channel below; Don't forget to subscribe, like the videos, try the recipes and leave comments with your feedback. All recipes, photos and videos are by the owner of this blog. You can serve the palm nut soup with rice, or Fufu. I had all the ingredients needed to make my own Millet Couscous apart from the Muslin cloth needed for steaming. All photos, recipes and videos are by the owner of this blog. Cover and prepare the palm nuts for any couple of minutes, before the skins start to appear. There are many different ways to make this soup and today I’m Pound palm nuts. Where at thou hot 'Akple' (steamed pliable dumpling made out of Corn)? 'Ndudu' coined from the word 'Nududu' means food in my tribal 'Ewe' language (from the Volta Region of Ghana), hence 'Ndudu by Fafa' means 'Food by Fafa'. Turnovers are pastries where... I’ve written a few doughnut recipes over time and I still try to improve the recipe each time. Simmer for about 1 hour. ‘Ewe language from the Ho area of Ghana’ as explained by Amadebrah, *We call it Agbaedzea in Angola and we use it for sieving’. 22K likes. 2 leveled tablespoons of Biryani Spice mix or Suya Spice, 300ml of your preferred unscented oil for frying, 2 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Olive oil. Add tomatoes. 99 ($0.91/Ounce) FREE Shipping. – Dilute and melt the palm extract in warm water. Pound the nuts in a mortar. 500g of Goat Meat cut into sizeable chunks, 200g of blended Egusi seeds and 125ml of water, 2 Red Peppers, 4 Red Chillies and 150g of Tomatoes, 150 ml of Zomi (spiced Palm oil or Palm Oil. It is a perfect sauce for making something different for Christmas and a must try. 2 packs of slightly smoked Mackerel from Sainsburys, 2 packs of Fish mix (readily available in most supermarkets or Fishmongers), 50g of smoked dried Herrings or Smoked Fish, 50g of smoked dried Prawns / Fresh Prawns. Listen to the crunch and savour the sweet softness of each bite.Be careful! After... Have you ever tried brining your Fish before frying? Step 1: Wash the smoked fish with extremely hot water, let it soak for a minute or so and then cut it into medium piece. It is warm, nourishing and full of flavors. Step 1 Heat olive oil in a large stock pot over medium-high heat. Don’t forget to subscribe, like the videos, leave comments with your feedback and share. Reduce heat, add remaining ingredients and simmer for an hour or more, until soup is somewhat thickened. Known to have originated from the forest areas of the country, palm nut soup is usually enjoyed with fufu. Add the fresh chilies and cover and let it simmer for 30 The clear broth is then added to rice noodles, your preferred protein with oodles of fresh mixed herbs and chillies. In Ewe (language spoken by the Ewe tribe from the Volta region) Chilli is 'Atadi' and the Ashanti's also refer to it as 'Meko'. Add garlic, tomatoes and onions and pour the palm nuts cream Powered by, 500g of Wholemeal flour (preferably Organic), 1 levelled teaspoon of Vitamin C powder (Holland & Barrett). Using the aromatic Green chillies from Ghana (Kasoa Pepper or Kpakposhito)Onion, Garlic, Ginger and salt to taste(which are grounded into a textured consistency) this sauce is cooked to intensify it’s flavours. The next recipe is my interpretation of a silky smooth Yam Fufu. Cook until the meats and stock fish is tender. The ultimate Chilli sauce is the slow cooked Black Chilli sauce popularly known as 'Shito' which is made with Chillies , Spices, Onions, Shrimp powder and Herring Powder. Serve with fufu, banku, kenkey,yam, rice and gari Allow the soup to simmer for an additional 15 mins and turn off heat. – Strain the palm nut extract to meat.-Add crab after about 5 mins.-Allow soup to boil/ cook for 15- 25min [Normally ready when the palm oil separates to the top. She was a friend's mum and one day I visited them, I was invited to try some. Remove garden eggs, seed and strain, return to soup. Each household has its own version hence the flavours can be varied. I could place an order for the Millet Couscous however that will delay my filming for another week. As quick mid week dishes go, this is a quick recipe that’s ready under 25 minutes. Do you prefer Lamb? Please share by leaving comments below. The taste is similar to Groundnut or Peanut soup, however it has a slightly delicate nutty flavour to Peanuts. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification button on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’ for when I upload the video. INGREDIENTS   450g of washed and soaked long grain Rice  550ml of Vegetable stock 5 tablespoonfuls of Garlic Butter Oil 3 large cloves of G... All contents are by the owner of this blog. Stir. Heat 2 tablespoons of peanut oil in a large Dutch oven or stockpot over medium-high heat. Note that as the stew continues to cook, it usually thickens up. on the surface of the soup. 10 fresh Green Chillies (Any chillies of your choosing), 150ml of water (Steam the Goat meat on your lowest setting for 45 minutes). If you prefer a lighter soup, add more water. Find the step by step video guide on how to make these 3 incredible sauces below; Don't forget to subscribe, like the videos and share. Stir in tomatoes with their juice, vegetable broth, pepper, and red pepper flakes. 600g of fresh blended Tomatoes or make your own Passata as shown below; 1 stock cube (Optional) This was omitted from the video recipe. In a large, heavy stew pot, boil the palm oil for 10 minutes. Flavour creator, Recipe creator, Product and Content creator...basically a CREATOR #thenewAfricanFoodCurator @buyndudu Looking for delicious African recipes, then you are in the right place. In memory of my mother, I specially prepare my husband’s favorite Fufu and Palm-nut Soup with my menses. Don't burn your tongue. Variety they say is the ‘SPICE of life’. Chop Cut Rebuild (Mustang, Camaro, Corvette) 2018 | CC. Chop the third onion and put all in pot. All these names refer to the same soup. Add the meat stock (about 3- 4 cups) smoked fish, meat, crayfish, Maggie and salt. *I guess it can be called Sranui*. Stir in sweet potatoes, chicken broth and tomatoes, and bring soup to a boil. I made this recipe for my Mum, portioned it into little containers, froze them which gave her the flexibility of using it as and when a recipe requires it. Step 1: Wash the smoked fish with extremely hot water, let Most individuals do include Aroma or Shrimp stock to this sauce which is optional for that added flavour. Add the palm liquid to meat with washed vegetables (tomatoes,onions, garden eggs) and ground pepper. Add onions and cook, stirring occasionally, for 2 minutes. Prekese is usually used in making drinks and soup such as (Palm nut soup, Banga soup or Light soup) and it is rather unusual to use it in stews. Watch how to prepare this soft Brown Bread recipe below; Don’t forget to subscribe, try the recipe and share. Bite me! This soup is a staple in most African cuisine as well as some other cultures like Taiwan in East Asia and Virginia in the states. Below is a very easy recipe Learn How To Cook A Tasty Dish Of Groundnut Soup With This Quick Video (Add … Ndudu by Fafa December 5 at 3:56 AM One logologo line of discipline Don’t know what my tense means but ... what I know is you must be subscribed to my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’, for a December of feast inspired by my diversity of thoughts … 59.6k Followers, 3,140 Following, 3,396 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Fafa Gilbert (@ndudu_by_fafa) There are various must try Okra recipes on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’ below; 10 green Chillies (The quantity used should suit your personal preference). What would you call this in your local language and in English? It also thickens a little more once it cools down. Simple theme. The inclusion of Prekese to the traditional Tomato based stew in this case was to infuse its sweet flavour to the dish. I have a few friends who cannot enjoy a meal without incorporating any of the above sauces  to their dish. Step 2:  Heat the pot, With the above experiences under my belt I decided to create a recipe in honour of two different cultures.