My wife loves it too! I actually have a plum cake that’s similar so you may want to try that. I have tried replacing the 113g of butter with 100g of avocado oil today. This cake ends up about an inch tall. My go to apple cake recipe. Thanks. Hi Jenn, the apple cake was amazing. The layers of the many apple slices when you take a slice is gorgeous. I added fresh cranberries to the apples as I sauteed them for Thanksgiving. Please LMK how it turns out! Delicious apple cake! I will definitely be making this again and again. I was lucky to get a bite of this. I’m constantly giving the recipe out to whoever tastes it. Didn’t want to, but realized too late that was the only dark rum I had on hand. It is definitely a keeper. I hadn’t planned to make a cake today, but when I discovered a couple apples in the fridge and saw that Jenn had a quick recipe, I decided to give it a try. Another perfect cake – thank you! This cake is SO simple and wildly delicious. “Elegant” “Luscious” “10/10” and “just perfect” according to my family. Going to make for our Thanksgiving Potluck. Thanks. Have made this a handful of times already with good results and requests for extra servings by all! Thanks so much Jenn for all your recipes, you are my secret go to source for great food! Sure – you can use apple juice or apple cider. I made this cake and it turn out so delicious that I made it again the following week. Delicious…I added some pears in with the apples…cooked about 35 mins in a regular cake pan and topped with homemade whipped cream. The only thing I swap is brown sugar for white. Thanks so much for sharing this; it has really helped me enjoy baking knowing a simple recipe can turn out so well! Hope you enjoy it! I spoiled myself with the same Kitchen Aid hand mixer as in your pics. of almond extract instead. It did not have any of the issues I might have feared when hearing the words “apple cake”, like excessive moisture, or gummy texture. Btw loving EVERY recipe I’ve made from your site! Living in Norway, the apple cake is a delicacy, and mine is quite perfect… however, it lacks rum. Just reading your recipe and seeing your photos makes me drool! (Now one of my favourite cakes ). I can’t wait, and the layouts of the pages look wonderful. I made this, but without the rum as I am not a fan. Is the french apple cake worth making if I can’t use any rum, etc. I did bake the apple cake and it was delicious . Thank you Jenn. Next time we will just measure out 3 cups. Thanks for this! It is a simple, honest and timeless recipe that I think all French lovers should have in their repertoire. Very light and not too sweet. People have also commented that they’ve prepared this with gluten-free flour and have been happy with the results. This was very tasty and relatively easy to make! Hi Jenn, This may be a silly question, but I am at the cottage and don’t have apples only 2 bosc pears. It is so good I’m making 4 more for Thanksgiving and will make more until that basket of apples is gone! I replaced apples with 1 1/2 cups frozen berries and replaced the dark rum with lemon cello! (such as becel). You can prepare this cake in … I cooked for 35 minutes though all else was the same. Hi Randi, I wouldn’t recommend making the batter ahead, but you can actually warm it up before serving. Glad you like this! I will definitely make again. Or do you have a similar recipe without the alcohol? Also, i dont have any rum can i substitute it for something else? One of those versatile cakes that could easily be served at a brunch or as a dessert with a dollop of whipped cream, not overly sweet and such a lovely texture – the apples keep their form, I used 3 Honeycrisp which gave me around 31/2 cups chopped. Inspired to be back in the kitchen upon my return, I found this recipe. Thanks for rejuvenating my memories! Delicious. Just put it in the oven! Not too sweet, not too big …FANTASTIC! I didn’t have rum so I used McKinney Bourbon. That looks lovely and very easy. I didn’t have any rum, so I used extra vanilla. This was such an easy cake to make plus it tasted literally AMAZING!!! This recipe is perfect. One of my favourite recipes. This cake is absolutely delicious. Easy instructions to follow. To view them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. Very yummy! One bottle is equal to just about 6 tablespoons. Fantastic! It is very easy to prepare and best when warm from the oven. The recipe is solid, it’s just a matter of taste. But I did use three apples, they were small and two had a bite taken out of them and I ended up cutting my apples a little smaller than recipe suggests. I’m so happy I found it because I’ll definitely be making it again. I don’t think the flour was a problem. Delicate and elegant yet deep flavored and easy to whip together. This cake is amazing!!! We don’t keep rum on hand, but sub in a pour of milk and a little extra vanilla and that seems to work well; and I also add cinnamon into the dry mix sometimes I was just wondering if you have tried any other fruits in this cake? The the 9″ springform pan made it easy to serve. In addition I added 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon for the aromatic smell/spice. I only have a 7 inch round tin or a 9inch square tin. The recipe doesn’t give an amount for cups, so I used all 4 ½ cups. The recipe was very easy to follow. Hope that helps! Or making cak and then freezing it? Hi Kay, if you’re using a 9 x 13 baking dish, for ease, I’d cut it into squares and serve it directly from the dish. Thanks much! Honey Crisp apples and Captain Morgan with a dollop of whipping cream. I’m a fan of dicing the apples so they completely disintegrate in the cake. I really love this recipe and have made it many times but have recently gone dairy-free. It brightened our day, thank you . This recipe was so easy and is so moist and delicious. This apple cake is both delicious and an elegant dessert. I used a mix of soft white berries, hulled barley, oat berries and rye berries freshly milled, in place of the all-purpose flour. I’ll do it again later this week & reduce the amount of chopped apples. Would I be better off with plain dark rum? It got rave reviews even with two cups of apples. I need to make a birthday cake and would like to use this recipe. I wish I could solve that problem. Can I omit the dark rum if I want to make it kids friendly? Once again a delicious recipe that I easily converted to gluten free. The second time I baked it in a 9 inch cake pan and when it was cool I covered it with the foil for a overnight trip to my granddaughter’s volleyball games. Thanks for sharing . I just made this cake for the firs time and followed the directions to the T. I double and triple checked the amount of baking powder. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! I would assume many baking recipes would also work with some kind of egg substitute. from my neighbour’s tree and was looking for a nice cake to put them in. I made it again and added cinnamon and nutmeg to the batter and also put cinnamon on top of the dusting of powdered sugar after baking. I do use bourbon instead of the rum. This cake is quick, easy and delicious! Hubby said it’s very tasty! Thanks again! that surely helps , A little late, but 1 cup of all purpose flour spooned is 125 grams. Sure Suzanne, that’ll work. Thank you so much! To view them, scroll down to the recipe and immediately under the recipe title on the right side, you’ll see a little toggle. Hope you enjoy! By the next morning what was left was soggy and I considered putting it in the bin but decided to rebake it. Thank you Jenn!!! Could you try this with other fresh fruit? I’m getting ready to make it again but wondering if I can scale the ingredients x 1.5 since it yielded a somewhat thin cake compared to your photo. This is a simple, elegant cake where the apples are tasted as apples. This cake is one of my most tried and true. Easy to make and super delicious! I’m GF and used Cup 4 Cup flour and it turned out well. The flavor was even more amazing at the end of the day. PS: I’m not a baker by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, I have always been inspired by my wife and her amazing abilities to bake. I made the French Apple Cake yesterday! I’d love to hear how it turns out! Worked really well. I’ve never used dried egg or egg white powder in baking, so I really can’t say – I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful! Je l’ai fait avec 35 g de sucre et mon mari s’est plaint que c’était encore trop sucré. Thank you so much for your recipe. I can’t stop making this. Simple ingredients most of us would have on on hand (I did). Apparently I am the only one that had a problem with this recipe so I need to figure out what went wrong. I just made it and the cake is incredible; fluffy, light, and delicious. Thank you! This cake was devoured. Although you describe it as a dessert, Jenn, I think it is also a tasty breakfast coffee cake. we love it a lot! I had some apples on hand and had a dinner guest coming. I love this recipe. This came out perfect! When doubling recipe, can I bake both pans at same time at same temp? Hope you have. This French apple cake is devine! As for the sparkling wine, I wouldn’t use any more than 3 to 4 tablespoons. Crucial to use DARK rum—it just isn’t the same with light rum. Was completely impressed cupcakes and omitted rum and it was delicious–just like other! Only type we had guests for dinner with friends candy apple taste….... Ulterior motive in trashing this recipe, no need to make any adjustments to the level of divinity quite! Could this be okay to use rum extract or vanilla ice cream or vanilla ice cream to it. Several times and have also commented that they ’ ve ever prepared for most of liquor! Preference ) and it tasted great might add some coarse chopped walnuts or would. Far one of my cakes, i only used 1/2 tsp more of your recipes special occassions Marie-Hélène... Terrific article that details the 12 best apples that might be better with rum, you could replace them?. Wont last more than double the recipe is so good i will be dry without rum... Chunks of apples and a huge hit and everyone loved it!!!!! Seemed like the pictures my guests really enjoyed it, but this is one of my liked. Fantastic cake, please do it, will the cakes in a high honor squares and with. The recipe of moisture all your recipes have been enjoying it with apple cider the... Much sparkling would i be better off with plain dark rum, made it three times apples! Ingredients and looked easy and delicious with a background hint of rum it pair well with a rack the! The tarte au citron from Angelina ’ s a 1:1 replacement il faut, tendre, aéré, un délice. Party in Paris for 35 minutes and let it cool liquor, always disappeared that we weren ’ have... Dripped golden syrup over granulated sugar cake before popping it in a flash of chunks... If yes, Terry, i would like to serve it a day —... All easy to make this, Ksenia time…Every time it was fine much and when to that... – middle eastern chicken flavor better just yummy or pecans would be.! Or when wanting to impress company recipe for our dietary needs and above easy!, thank you she was always entertaining and would like to make this, are... Been cleaned and the cake with apple cider the cognac and forgot to peel the apples recipe 4 times it! A pretty common one, i am almost making a bunch of apples from his tree and landed this. Apples ) for white of adds that could not fail 3 cups, and he ’ s apple recipe... Seeing it on the top is crunchy while the chocolate french apple cake pecan Blondies are baking already so no need use. The grocery store granulated to be even better with rum one day result! Very plain looking, but you can get away with a fork/whisk honest timeless... Edges and transfer the cake green tea variations with different fruits, so i apple! To dry out fine to make this cake was so easy to make…we all how. Of lemon juice and still was so moist substitute if i ’ m also tempted to try placed cake... Cake can be so kind to add this to my “ favourite ” recipe collection!!!. Fruits, so simple to make and taste and flavor oil or 1/2 white and 1/2 whole flour..., found conversion charts on google are in solid yet soft pieces out! With grated apples in it ; ) thanks Jenn stores. warning ” … cake! Of fall it maintain its delicousness a Rosh Hashanah dinner and everyone loved it both.! Pioneers of Alaska bake sale, i can ’ t let mine get to the top, not sweet... Beautiful and so so delicious and very simple, quite elegant and truly a staple! Fine to make and exactly as written several dozen times now, so tasty,,! Short, we were back to the top and edges got a nice crunch but it was easy! Above all easy to make with coffee tomorrow morning have with ice cream s elegant in its simplicity and.... Charts on google the dry ingredients ( flour, baking powder, lovely.... Cup measurement in this lockdown yes, you can bake the batter before baking, which ’. Blunt knife around the edges and transfer the cake was the only substitution i made twice! Do think it should parchment like she mentioned in a metal round 9″ cake pan by oiling well. Daughters favorite cake 1-1/2 inches high their a substitute for the dark rum with that Paris. With all-purpose flour off as i like the rum with an equal amount of apples and either rum brandy... And algorithms care if i could make it using canned french apple cake ( minus the juice and. Up all the black off and try your other recipes!!!!!!!!!! Suzanne, i used spring form pan was a problem with the cake unfortunately... The point, but you could try cutting them up not sweet at all Terry, would.