Best Plumbers Club is a trusted local plumber network. I'm looking for some advice on a drainage issue at my property (SW London, Edwardian Flat). Remove the screws and pipe clips from a section at a time and then raise Based in Farnham serving Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire & West Sussex. A common site for blockages, once a downpipe has become blocked, a host of issues can occur. Downpipe blockages fall into two categories for clearing, straightforward & Complex. If the other downpipes are also sealed and don't flow back into the gutter and given that the downpipes would share a common sub surface stormwater pipe, then the blockage would either be in the downpipe's elbows or at the downpipe's adapter. Before you start to unblock the pipe, place a piece of wood over the drain at the bottom of the pipe to prevent any loosened material falling down the pipe and potentially blocking the drain as well. This is an absolute last resort though and it seldom comes to this. In cases of two-part pipe clips, detach only the pipe ring while leaving the backplate in place. Use the steel rod to ram the blocked downpipe as hard as you can and attempt to loosen the blockages. You may have to remove more clips and pipe sections until you see which of the sections are blocked. Turn the garden nozzle to the highest pressure setting. If there is a blocked gutter or downpipe. A common site for blockages, once a downpipe has become blocked, a host of issues can occur. We often don’t notice this has happened until there is a pooling of water around the bottom off the rainwater pipes or channel gullies. How To Prevent & Stop Drain Smells. However, if water backs up into the gutter, a clog is present in the downspout, and you must remove it. blocked downpipe. If the blockage is in the middle… Things get a bit more tricky if your downpipe is blocked in the middle. If you are taking apart the downpipe, chances are you may remove almost all of the pipe, considering you don’t know exactly where the blockage is. Simply push the rod down through the downpipe and whatever leaves or debris are causing the blockage will be dispensed at the bottom of the pipe. Anyway I feel I am getting closer to solving what is causing the damp in the cellar. If water flows out of the bottom carrying leaf debris with it, your job is complete. In such cases, blockage tends to freeze and expand, while eventually cracking the downpipe, especially when the weather is cold. A rainwater downpipe is a pipe that is used to direct rainwater away from a building, typically from roof guttering to a drainage system. Once the blockage has fallen away, flush down the remaining material by pouring buckets of water down the pipe. This not only lets you clean the trap completely, but also gives you access to the waste pipe if a blockage happens. Clearing a blocked downpipe If one of your downpipes becomes blocked, fetch a length of stiff wire and create a hole in the middle of the blockage. If your gutters are blocked, could do with a clean or you’re looking to prevent them from becoming blocked in the near future, give us a call on 01252 852 336 or contact us online. Step 5: Pour in chemicals that will eat up and dissolve the materials that are blocking up the down pipe. Regularly maintaining your gutters & downpipes gives them a longer life and reduces the risk of rainwater blockage. Once there are no more blockages, replace the sections of the pipe and re-fix the wall clips one after the other. If you have trees overhanging your house, they would likely cause blockages. ), How we are keeping our customers safe during COVID-19. is near the top or bottom of the pipe, poking with a length of strong wire will sometimes be successful, old wire coat hangers are useful for this job. A gentle force will be enough to remove the loose part of the downpipe, and then you can see what is causing the blockage in the pipe. You’re probably going to have to take the pipe apart unless you hire flexible drain-clearing rods. How to clear blocked sinks. TOP TIP: In areas of heavy snow use two 25mm x 5mm Start Screws to fix guttering to the fascia board. Attach any screws or wall brackets to the downpipe that were detached during the … So, you can rely on our range of rainwater downpipes and fittings to have everything you need to get the job done. How do I clear the angles in my downpipe? In some cases the drain may need to be dug up and replaced or relined if it is damaged or collapsed. Rainwater down pipe blocked (Clearing a Blocked Gutter) A rainwater down pipe blocked is usually caused by leaves and debris build up from the roof and gutter and over hanging trees which then falls down the down pipe and builds up over time blocking the natural flow of water. My downpipe is full up with water to where the guttering connects. Step 10. The shoe sits at the bottom of the downpipe and is usually slightly angled. If you have a blockage in your down-pipe, get a length of stiff wire or net curtain wire and poke this down the pipe until the blockage is cleared and all the debris and leaves and anything else fall out at the bottom. Our reviewed and recommended plumbers are ready to help with plumbing emergencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and other regions of Australia. A blockage in underground pipes means specialist equipment is needed to clear it. 1969 property with flat roofs that were leaky but are now re-roofed and fab....but the downpipe from the garage roof into the soakaway is blocked (was probably blocked before but the leaky roof disguised it). You can browse this content via the informative blog below or you can view a video we have created for it here. However, if you do discover your downpipe is blocked, it is advisable to clear the blockage as soon as possible. I am in a first floor maisonette flat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.