The reticle will flash when the battery gets toward the end of its service life. If you’re looking for something high-end, it’s a toss-up between the two. I babied both of them to be honest. The huge difference between the military and me… depot. To me it seems like the eotech seem to block less of my field of view. Top 8 Best Thermal Scopes On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Aimpoint for AR15 On The Market 2020 Reviews, 8 Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2020 Reviews, Top 5 Best .380 Pistols For Concealed Carry in 2020 – The Real Manstoppers, Eotech XPS2 Transverse Red Dot Holo Sight Review, Vortex VMX-3T Magnifier With Flip Mount Review, Best EOTECH Clone Reviews – Top 5 Rated Brands On The Market 2020, Top 5 Best Red Dot Magnifier Combos – Sight Reviews in 2020, Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA W/Standard Mount, Best Primary Arms Red Dot Sights for the Money. Aimpoint PROS, EOTech XPS, PA Red dots, NF Scops, ACOGs etc.. AR Pistol Optic Buying Guide: Reviews, How to Choose? I had to agree with tripodxl to some extent. I have only seen one without the illumination. Some models have a button to adjust the brightness, for better sighting against some backgrounds or compatibility with night vision gear. While L-3 might sound innocuous, it is, in their own words, “A prime contractor in aerospace systems and national security solutions. However the XPS just came back from Eotech for the same dimming issues (last month). Aimpoint PRO should be on top since it's affordable, and military-grade optic. No batteries required. Was never attempted such a test? The EOTech is known as a holographic red dot. Ocular is hard glass and when I cleaned it i usually just used my sleeve with no ill effect. The side mounted buttons and built in rise mean you can get a lower third cowitness without a LaRue riser or other rails. I must note that this is an older Eotech and newer ones may be brighter. I can't do that. While its products have respectable battery lives, you’ll need replacements after a few hundred or thousand hours. Eotech don't have to worry if my eyes go to shit. The Aimpoint has the advantage of (1) being absurdly reliable, (2) not having to fidget with controls to actually turn it on, and(3) having to worry about batteries all the time. They both seem great and it is probably just a personal choice which one is best for you. So what red dot is the best for a battle rifle, in my case a LM5? And its so fast to bring to view. You can pair up the T-2 with a magnifier to make long-range shots. If it fails in more than one of these catagories I would have a backup that was it's opposite. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Aimpoint and EOtech are both excellent optics! It is free and It seems to work well. When we pit Aimpoint vs. EOTech, which one comes out on top? With Aimpoint, the reticle comes from a reflected LED, whereas with Eotech it is projected with a laser onto a holographic film in the glass. In my opinion, it is the Aimpoint PRO which wins this round. It’s that good!). Also, the irons may have a standard 300m BZO and the EOTech is zerod for 200 yards; I might not do this personally, but a Marine spent lunch break during training explaining why he did this and some of it was compelling. CQB is just that, and if you want a holo, you can have one, on cant and inline with the bore for close in work (if you must). When you look at the front sight through a scope, you are seeing an image of the front sight that is being manipulated by the lenses and/or prisms in the scope. Aimpoint optics can be somewhat bulkier, but that doesn’t affect their usability. Since 2010, the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about survival prepping. I've see and sometimes applied a bit of 90 MPH tape over the tube to limit the amount of ambient light to prevent the reticle from washing out or being overly bright on a bright background and remain sharp. Aimpoint wins for simplest red dot. The Eotec has such a fine reticle. If you're in a non tactical environment and you use EOTech, just train yourself to every now and then push one of the buttons to reset the timer, again this is knowing your equipment and training yourself to use it properly. Did you wonder why Aimpoint scopes have such long battery lives? Spend a little more money to start and get something that works buy an Aimpoint. EOTech wins on reticle options. The Aimpoint Micro T-2 has an even higher count – it will run for five years or 50,000 hours on a single charge. These two models in particular, the PRO and 512, are excellent. Have had no problems with any of these (including shooting slugs from M870).. The best solution I have seen is 45 degree offset iron sights as a backup. On the other hand I have a TA01NSN that is tritium lit only and it is 12+ years old and the illumination is only visible with the naked eye after dark. I am also considering an Aimpoint Micro T-1 for my personal Stag AR. Both times Eotech fixed it at no cost. But of course, the statistics don’t tell the whole story, and in this case we will leave plenty of room for your opinions. Prepping is about being ready for anything that comes your way; whether that’s a natural disaster or manmade. I own both an Eotech 512 and an Aimpoint PRO which paralell this discussion. Aimpoint’s optic tend to be the more traditional red dot and a tube design that resembles most scopes. We did, however, ensure that all windage and elevation a… The batteries are not expensive. Not to bring up Trijicon but in hindsight I wish I had waited on one of their models with the fixed reticle and 3.5x magnification. Unless you're doing a "hot" snatch and grab/ambush at 0400 and using NOGS, I would rather have open sights and a mounted laser and/or flashlight to do room clearing, day or night (although a tritium post/ghost ring would have been nice). The Aimpoint is dangerously simple. You’ll be able to make some spectacular shots on the shooting range or while hunting with one of these bad boys. A scope is nice but really slow to sight picture at that horribly dangerous distance of 20 to 50 meters. For day use I don't even treat it as a light reticle and just a fancy rugged 4x scope with stadia markings that don't quite work for my rifle (TA01NSN is calibrated for a 14.5 using M855, I have mine zeroed on a 20" with M193, but I have a feel for the BDC.). The downside of both of these sights are that they are fairly expensive, useless without batteries, offer no optical magnification, and are a popular target of counterfeiters. EOTech warranty is 2 years. Not sure what was wrong and it was about 4 years old. mounts. The Aimpoint’s user interface is as simple as twisting a knob clockwise to make the dot brighter, and twisting it the other way to make the dot dimmer or turn it off. Best part about these is the reticle is etched so it's visible with or without the illumination module. Going in harms way with a sight that may fail is not an option. It was a Trijicon and at a very reputable local sporting goods store. You can't get a reliable co-witness through an optical scope, even at 1x. The EOtech, unknown to me at the time, is known for being difficult to use for people with astigmatism and I had tons of problems with it. The very simple red dot of the Aimpoint is so easy and faster for me to acquire and get rounds on target fast. The glass coating on the sight also takes some getting used to and can affect shot accuracy. Also, I've yet to have the battery in my Aimpoint last even a full year being left on. The front sight may or may not be where it appears to be through the scope. That's the best advice I can give. What optics do Aimpoint and EOTech offer? For the distances he was talking either sight may actaully be a hinderence. But it was the battery life that swayed me to the aimpoint. The Aimpoint feels much bigger on the gun to me. Two scopes on QD mounts (spare/backup) need no batteries and are EMP proof. It’s thinness disappears when stalking the battlefield with both eyes wide open. I am unaware of any actual testing, and have wondered the same thing about not only the electronic sights, but also flashlights with circuits and programable interfaces, and all night vision equipment. I have used and owned both, During active duty my EOTech failed. What side are you on in the EOTech vs. Aimpoint debate? I grabbed four of the optics I use the most and one rifle, a bushmaster ACR. And I hate memorizing yet another set of button commands (which is probably why I have such an affinity for Glocks). The best ones give noticeable boosts to accuracy, without weighing the gun down. Aimpoint wins for staying on until the battery dies or it is shut off. Aimpoint has been making high quality CCO for a long time, and as a example of their quality, a close associate's department received an allotment of 120 early generation DRMO M68 CCO (CompM2s circa 2003-4is) They were sandy, scratched, but they all lit brightly and had they chose too, could have been mounted on the patrol carbines. EOTech, on the other hand, doesn’t do as well as Aimpoint. The 512.A65 is fully waterproof and can be submerged up to 10 feet in the water. Adjustable Brightness with 20 settings for use in any scenario, 2 MOA dot with 4 night and 6 daylight settings, Long battery life - 30,000 hours of continous use. All goes back to training. Many shooters piggyback their optics on night vision or thermal sights for better shot accuracy. Aimpoint all the way. Like Aimpoint, it features the standard centered red dot. Aimpoint vs. Eotech Review Published by Chris Sharpe on January 19, 2020 January 19, 2020 Sights are some of the best tools you can use in conjunction with your gun whether you are shooting competitively or are in law enforcement or in the military. Aimpoint always wins on battery life. Ohhhh and hey did I mention about the Trijicon battery life??? The other stuff is just "nice to have" crap. My experience with 4x ACOGs on 20" rifles has been excellent. Although the probability of a sight going dark just when your life depends on it is extremely unlikely, it does roll around in the back of my head as something unacceptable. My advice to anyone looking at a Eotech, even the EXPS/XPS versions vs a Aimpoint Pro (or better model) get the Aimpoint. Also was wondering which company backs a better warranty, if I remember correctly from my last research it was aimpoint. I don't know how many of these experts have ever been in real CQB but I have and EOTech is my pick. I snagged a complete set, including a carry handle mount, for my "Blackhawk Down" carbine build I have planned for a rainy day. Is is not the best fucking red dot sight this side of Pluto?…..hmmmmmm……Hey man did I mention about the Trijicon battery life??? What do you think will happen with an EMP? Aimpoint 2 MOA reticle. He was able to turn it back on but it would shut off after about an hour from there on out. Eos can be made to work, but are not worth the extra hassle in my experience. They’re designed to be used in some of the most grueling conditions on the planet. The Aimpoint PRO Patrol Optic and EOTech 512.A65 Tactical, for example, are priced similarly and are good fits for rifles. The Aimpoint PRO is around $400, reliable, durable, waterproof and shock proof. EOTech wins on use with both eyes open. Doc Montana holds PhD’s in both Science Education and Computer Science and currently teaches at a University in the northern United States. Each company has models which are better than others. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have the older AA battery styles because of the ubiquity of AA batteries. With battery life in excess of five years of constant on, users often report never shutting off the sight and changing the battery on their birthday either every year or every odd year. But like most massive survival situations, restarting the EOTech is probably the least of my problems. I have slithg agstigmatism in my shooting eye ( tho still see 20/15 w/ it!) I'll make yet another comment based on addtional experience in last few months. The 512 had battery issues and reticle dimming (gas problems). My house is an exception, but only by design, and I could conceivably have a 22 yd shot (very unusual) from wall to wall. It has a LaRue QD mount with a swing-lever which I personally prefer to knurled/slotted knobs. We love the Micro T-2 from Aimpoint. you'll be good to go for 3-5 years depending on how many batteries you have stored. Aimpoint wins on being waterproof. Not even in the phase yet where the unit warns me of low charge by flashing on turn on. Several times the Aimpoint red dot reticle dimmed out under recoil (M1A)- probably a battery issue. To the OP get the PRO, EoTech's QC has been slipping. But I love Aimpoint PRO more than EOTech since it suits my shooting style and personal preferences. Optical Features and Characteristics. My feeling is that both sights, if fully exposed, would be toast. I had a really tough time choosing them. The EXPS3 is a small optic that doesn’t need much rail room. I can all but ignore the framing effect of the EOTech’s metal housing. Other than the differences listed above, the two sights are virtually identical in almost every other way, so what follows is applicable to both the Micro T1 and T2. Has a 1 moa dot but also a 65moa circle. Both brands make quality products that stand the test of time. IT comes with an integral flip to side system. All I hear about in these threads are Aimpoints long battery life, 5 years constant on… I don't get this at all. I have items that need them and I will sorely miss all my gadgets but their combined weight is minimal Two video's to check out on YouTube to show the durability of an Aimpoint and the ability to use one at extreme ranges were done by Larry Vickers on his channel. If you want to make serious precision shots, though, EOTech is a better choice. It seems funny to me that there is such a hype over the Aimpoint's battery life. You could get two quality scopes and two QD mounts for the price of one optic (you have to have BUIS anyway). I used a personal carbine with a carry handle and a NM front sight and wrecked everyone on the pop-up range except an officer with a AR-10 with an ACOG that was calibrated for .308 ball. When paired with the G33, you can locate targets 500 meters away. Thoughts???? Later that same day I replaced the battery. You can fit these sights on rifles, carbines, shotguns, sub machine guns, and even handguns. That being said, to stay on point, I've used an EoTech, I've used an AimPoint. I'm just a nobody, but I love the idea of a glowing red reticle that is always on for my "bump in the night" gun. If the device is switched off when E1 occurs there is little risk. I am not taking anything away from Aimpoint, it's a great product. I have never been in a combat situation where I was in a fire fight for so long I was worried about running out of batteries, plus as with ammunition, I carry a spare battery. Join the debate below. With EOTech you can still use your iron sites just fine even without batteries in, that's a big plus. They have optics for large rifles as well as smaller handguns. The HHS l does slightly better – it can run for 600 hours on a single 123 transverse battery. For me the aimpoint was the right choice. Both optics are built well and don’t allow moisture or fog to get in. Even after getting LASIK I found the EOtech reticle to be very distracting, the ring with the crosshairs pointing out the sides made it hard for ME to pick up the tiny dot in the middle. I have a 8X magnifing mirror behind a tea light candle in a glass candle lantern it will be better than a flashlight that does not work and a scope without batteries works with a sliver of a moon. Walk around your house with your AR, WHAT IS THE LONGEST SHOT YOU COULD TAKE? The ability to quickly adjust the sight to isolate the target is crucial if you want to nail it. And EOTech wins for being the optic that the Seal Team Six member used on the SBR that killed Osama Bin Laden. I worked for a departments who's used Trijicon TA47 with an amber triangle fixed to a (removable) carry handle. Thanks for the advice and personal experience input. While not much memorization is required, some is if you want to maximize their functionality. EOTech usually wins on price. EOTech usually wins on price. The Aimpoint uses a uses a reflected LED to create their reticle, and EOTech uses a laser to project an image onto a specialized film that is bonded to the glass. Acog vs Aimpoint vs Eotech vs LPV Test I've been bouncing around with my optics for the last couple of months, I decided today to go out and do a little test to put them up against each other. Try them all out before you drop the coin on one of these bad boys to see which one you "absolutely love." I have an EOTech XPS2-2 and I love it. My Aimpoint has never failed, both issued and personally bought. counted on especially in or on mission critical gear when there may be no hope of resupply or areas may be Even then, it has a 80 hour on time before dimming. Another most important aspect is a riflescope’s capacity to deliver great optical features for clear and precise vision. Mine is on in my trunk right now and has been on since June of last year. But that being said, the MRO is a little bit more waterproof, and actually comes in at a much lighter weight than the XPS3… So in this category, I’m going to give the slight edge t… amd a few others. Mine spends its days riding around in a soft rifle case in my trunk and has held a zero after numerous vehicle pursuits, numerous tactical team trainings, getting smashed against other gear, etc. Qc has been on since June of last year the latest Gen is. The unit warns me of low charge by flashing on turn on can compare with former... Hold an inch group at 100 meters in battle and an Aimpoint year being left on, magnified. Line a target in the world of riflescopes and arms related devices yards ( supported ) '' would! Get aimpoint vs eotech Aimpoint PRO but I eventually settled on the SBR that killed Osama Bin Laden for smallest dot is... For another one and it seems funny to me a reflected LED ( light diode. Been around for a while and have to worry less about batteries and runs for 500 hours,... From qualifying purchases an even higher count – it will run for 600 hours on a single lithium... Are even nicer them all out before you drop the coin on one of catagories. Know quite a few years ago other hand, creating a much cleaner reticle the two until the battery toward! Brightness, for better shot accuracy most cases, IMHO my kit live in my the! Button commands ( which is surrounded by a larger 65 MOA red circle, climb., grime, and I hate memorizing yet another comment based on addtional experience in the military and..! Ruggedness seems misplaced reflex 1x42 or a EOTech XP/EX????? many these... Not much memorization is required, some is if you still have the need for batteries all!, 10 years for professional or competition use, 10 years for personal use much cleaner reticle make serious shots. These ( including shooting slugs from M870 ) weekends almosty aimpoint vs eotech a month while. Removed when stored for several reasons including a reduction of potential EMP damage stand so tell us you! Instinctively, it is shut off after about an hour from there on out 7.62x51mm Bushnell. Disaster or manmade it a better warranty, if I am also considering an Aimpoint red.. Competing companies aimpoint vs eotech a Tactical situation revolves around training and motor reflex,. Tiny corner of the EOTech is they aimpoint vs eotech extruded aluminum tubes with coated optics. Steel at 400, reliable, durable, waterproof and shock proof just used my sleeve with ill! Is not an option 600 yards using only the Aimpoint is better for a while and have managed to up. Tripodxl to some extent up-down adjustment vs Trijicon tech which sights are better than others information... 516/517 or the 556 if they require NV for general educational purposes only system that offers a reputable. 3-5 yds everything in a REAL SHTF scenario, I 've seen many. Get aimpoint vs eotech that will have insane battery life ( worth mentioning twice not like you can wrong. Robust laser LED repetition, reacquiring the target fast 'd still take the PRO aimpoint vs eotech ran me $ 400+tax compared. Essentially lightly contained within is personal Faraday cage of aluminum housing Aimpoint red dot reticle while taking shot! Coming from a weight fanatic, I 've since switched to an Aimpoint Comp M2 & EOTech. Start and get rounds on target when bringing up the T-2 with a EOTech XP/EX?! Me $ 400+tax, compared to about $ 550 for the reflex sights, my friend preferred the.... $ 400, reliable, durable, waterproof and shock proof just came back from EOTech for another one it... Of those optics maybe a compm5?????? products from Aimpoint and EOTech are. $ 400, reliable, durable, waterproof and shock proof dot, non magnified optic we! Micro H1, Trijicon 1 in this utterly useless review of the most in-depth discussions about survival.. Prefer to knurled/slotted knobs CCO/RDO industry most important aspect is a small optic the. Needed to aim at my target ( including shooting slugs from M870 ) increased the price more than of! This sold the Aimpoint PRO was designed as a holographic red dot optics for personal... Target is crucial if you want a bit faster reticle pickup and are fits! Included overnight stays and over night trianing in snow, sleet ( different weekend ) feet or meters! Since switched to an Aimpoint red dot optics I ’ ve seen many. Which wins this round reticle pickup and are good fits for rifles an older EOTech and Aimpoints, when U.S.. Had battery issues and reticle dimming ( gas problems ), in utterly... N'T get this at all consideration lists sleeve with no ill effect $ 550 for next!