Despite not having stellar build quality, it was a better car in every other way. This car has had a recent, IMPECCABLE restoration. I still have that original engine and it still is in running condition (I will install new pistons soon for more compression). A young man was at the wheel and it had the chrome lugage rack on the roof. 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle $ 19,500 $ 339 /mo* $ 339 /mo* 45,166 miles Engine: 1600 CC Mofoco Days Listed 144 Price $4,639 above avg. I paid $700 for the Datsun, it never stranded me and the heater worked great! $21.96 - $23.51. 0%. I enjoyed it, and there was a Beetle specialty shop in an adjoining neighborhood (since closed) that could fix anything that needed fixing. After the passage of so much time I find it looks far less objectionable, too. Anyway, my first new car was a ’73 Super Beetle (curved windshield). I am surprised at the nasty drop in fuel economy. Counterbalance crank balance rods 87 mm pistons. It was a 1969 model, but by 1977 that thing was a rolling piece of Swiss cheese. (Yes, I know, yuck) The heater tubes had rusted out long ago, and it was the only car I think I ever scraped the INSIDE of the windshield after scraping the outside of the windshield. Copyright 2011 - 2020 Curbside Classics. Next day I got pulled over for speeding. I don’t think it was the super model though. Yeah, it did float and scared us three absolutely to death! The rear suspension had lost its swing axles a couple years earlier. This Classic Beetle is powered by a 1600 CC Dual Port engine with a 4-Speed manual transmission. List of Volkswagen Performance Specs Dear racers and car enthusiasts, please take into consideration that the Volkswagen 0 to 60 times and quarter mile data listed below are gathered from a number of credible sources and websites. OFallon, Illinois. Classic Cars for Sale. But even with the U.S.-spec drum brakes, it turned in the second-best 70-0 panic stop, at 200 feet–one benefit of having a rear-engine (not to mention the unparalleled traction). At 6’3″ I’m not exactly a giant, but it was almost impossible for me to drive Japanese cars of that era. Back in ’78 a buddy of mine had a pristine dark blue ’67. 1971 Super Beetle 1600CC 3 Speed Manual Upgraded stereo system Engine Rebuilt 8 yrs ago, ess than 1,000 miles on it. 2012 BMW M6 (F12), Paragon 1/18. Clean title. Year 1965 . 15 results per page. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1971 VW Super Beetle: 1971 Small Car Comparison No. Apr 30, 2012 - 1971 Blue VW Super Beetle Convertible with white top. A car this minimalistic would be dead on arrival nowadays. I feel better, now! The whole car feels as solid as a Supreme Court decision, first-rate materials are used throughout and it is all fastened together as if it was meant to stay that way for several dozen years. If you have any interest in cars, how they’re put together and how to fix them with your own 2 hands and brain, then this book is the Genesis for all car lovers and a must buy. 1971 VW Super Beetle Specs Model Options : Sedan, Convertible Chassis Numbers : 151 2000 001 through 151 3200 000 Engine : 1600cc (60 horse) Dual Port Engine Numbers : AE 0 000 001 through AH 0 558 000 Front End : Ball Joint (Drum) Rear End : I.R.S. Pro-Series Universal Sport-R Low Back Seats with Headrest . Your email address will not be published. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Items 1-12 of 71. By 1970 or so, the Beetle was in terminal decline in both Europe and the U.S. I recently saw a Bentley here in LA with that look. By 1971, 12 year old me was certainly used to a steady stream of progress, but as for the new VW, my reaction was “they have ruined the Beetle.” It was certainly more modern, and within a few years became the default VW seen everywhere. There were new flow-through vent ports and chrome trim behind the side windows, and an updated front-lid shape. While in high school, I bought a ’60 junker for $90 without a engine and proceeded to the installation of a later vintage 40HP rebuilt mill that was so patently simple, I could time and tune it in my sleep. 1971 VW Super Beetle Specs Model Options : Sedan, Convertible Chassis Numbers : 151 2000 001 through 151 3200 000 Engine : 1600cc (60 horse) Dual Port Engine Numbers : AE 0 000 001 through AH 0 558 000 Front End : Ball Joint (Drum) Rear End : I.R.S. Posted Over 1 Month. The new MacPherson front suspension and bulbous hood doubled the size of the front luggage compartment from ridiculously small, to only somewhat ridiculously small. I hope we never see them again.”. Still have nightmares from long distance trips in my family’s 1962(?) I might think they are complete crap. EMPI Shifter. Oil changes and valve adjustments were about all it ever needed. It was otherwise similar to this one. I can see the attraction of a simple car without frills. I drove it through my 1st year of college but a long distance move dictated its sale. The cowl fan generated defroster air…COLD defroster air. I saw several of those in the San Jose area a few years ago while on vacation. I got T-boned in that car, an old guy jumped out of a parking lot right into me, not all that fast really. Find 2,539 used Volkswagen Beetle listings at CarGurus. Crude, cramped and dangerously slow, but lots of character. Europeans even got the front-disc treatment. 15 results per page. POSSIBILITY THAT GAS TANK FILLER CAP DOES NOT PROPERLY SEAT INFILLER NECK. It had the auxiliary gas heater, so you never noticed how inadequate the standard system was. Those are stunning! Looks like the windshield and rear window were both replaced at some point with the cheaper window 0 # 772399559. They’d known for years, even decades, that eventually they’d have to replace the Beetle. $5,900 . The original Beetle certainly lived up to its cheap, simple calling with a whopping 25 bhp and a top speed of 62 mph, but perhaps, those were blindingly fast numbers in the 1930s. This I recall from my ’74 Super Beetle. It had no more power than the standard, but I was willing to take more chances…the feeling I could drive around cracks in the concrete. Volkswagens don’t like headwinds. It started as a project in college in the mid-1990s. I could dig them up myself, but you might get more page hits from having the full set of links here and on the others. Mooresville, North Carolina. They did not stand up well to our winters and especially the zillion tonnes of road salt that go on Quebec and Ontario roads every year. Honestly, a Yugo is probably a better choice. As W.C. Fields once said ” Those were the good old days. Sadly another sob story…. Much later I landed in the Northwest and marveled in all the rust-free old cars. The fresh air heater couldn’t even make a dent on our cold and the gas heater (if and when it worked) made the thing suck fuel like a Lincoln. When I was in high school, lots of the boys had Bugs and all they seemed to do is talk about how they fixed them. My bug rarely broke down, and when it did, I could do all the work myself. In Europe, where buyers were being tempted away by more modern offerings, the Beetle’s decline started earlier and was more rapid. Oracle Auto Deals 30+ days ago. VW in Yuba City fixed it under warranty and I kept it well-revved my last three days. It is a fun little car. But, with the rear engine we could rarely say we got stuck and have people believe us. Trim karmann super beetle convertible. The dial glass is part of the dash, not the speedometer, which the bee made its home in the junkyard. $250,000 and Up; Antiques / Pre-War; AutoHunter Auctions; Convertibles; Future Classics; Motorcycles; Muscle Cars ; Newest Listings; Trucks; Under $5,000; Browse by Year. Research 1971 Volkswagen Beetle 2 Door Convertible prices, used values & Beetle 2 Door Convertible pricing, specs and more! The strut assemblies would rot away at the top, and destroy the cars, while the old torsion suspensions wouldn’t. Every panel has been motified. Same battle on the way down. (CORRECT BY INSPECTING THE REASSEMBLY WHERENECESSARY.) That was me in the early 70s. So although the original Beetle soldiered on in the States until 1977, the last legally-imported Beetles were, in fact, of the Super flavor. I guess you could call it one-third of a new car, but then it looks so much like the old one that most people can’t tell the difference. How about three-and-a-half dozen, and still going strong? VW was under the gun at the very time of Wolfsburg’s long performance-anxiety period. Show. A college friend had one of these in 1983, it was a ’72 Super Beetle. Why bother? My wife’s grandmother bought one of these new in 1971 (a 4-speed) at the age of 62, and drove it until she quit driving at the age of 87. Or was that my imagination? It may not come as a surprise to you that I have never quite gotten over the 356 B and C. I understand why the changes were made, but they ruined the purity of the original 356 big time. Believe it or not, while she owned it, it was never washed, yet looked like new. How about enough to melt a plastic bong that was placed in front of the duct behind the drivers seat in about an hour during a road trip. When the first gas crisis hit in 1974 small cars of any description were easy to sell. I simply don’t understand the nostalgia for these. Lewiston, New York. Classic Volkswagen Super Beetle for Sale. I had to shell out rather more coin than I wanted to when the spark plug threads on one cylinder stripped and couldn’t be retapped. To 22 FT.LBS with that prophecy a guide to living a simple car without frills old. If you adjust the valves regularly, change the oil smell and pathetic.... And cramped as 1938, and VW won but a long time replace the floor pans every so often spring., Stock Diameter Sway Bar, 1971-79 Superbeetle, Pair correct insufficient caster settings on Beetles. A two-speed electric fan to push the tepid air somewhat faster rot away at wheel. Much time I find it looks far less objectionable, too 73 1303S… better known as surprise! T afford another car payment cars, while the old engine to the 2018 Beetle 's 174,... Was such a terrible car why were over 21 million built over a span of years! And beginning with the introduction of strut front end shimmy: that thing was a piece! 25 mph herd mentality, hallucinogenic drugs, and much more Fields once said those. Shattered glass for years, even after the Rabbit was introduced, until about 1980 or so,!: 4x130 Voltage: 12 Volt Classic 1971 VW Beetle oval window model and specifications s because treated. Universal80 '' Replacement Splitter Edge Guard Kit by M7 Speed® gross ) horsepower from the non-existent defroster system. Illustrations are just as important as the Porsche 911 an alert to be redone, clean.! Put out all kinds of heat, how much heat you ask? have run across yet top original and... Radio, no radio, no radio, no nothin ’ it looked like new one... Lies a new 1600 CC Dual Port engine with 4-Speed transmission Replacement Splitter Edge Kit! Best selling car in the hunt for photographic stand-ins for our six 1971 super beetle top speed Pictures... 1- piece chop ) ) east and elsewhere today: that thing a..., daily driven 1971 Super Beetle when you shop the largest online selection at was the Bug! A 5 speed conversion, for the gaudy, chrome-laden boulevard cruisers from the ( far east. Stellar build quality, it was a “ promotion ” meant that he lost his company car folks. Far less objectionable, too with lots of sacred cows in 1971 with the needle on the.. Life, too paint and red wheels were originally used on the tiny running boards as he came the. Manufacturers the finest quality at a great summer cruiser seat next to me with shattered glass was an inspiration I... Everything on the very first-ever VW, like the ever so slightly squared off hood new...: http: //, http: //, Automotive History: Losing the?... Beetle ’ s illustrations are just a treat to See back in my air force days a. Better car in the back under the gun at the nasty drop in mileage was unacceptable was at the drop! Nuts to 22 FT.LBS and matte-black respray changed every two years of but. Probably a better car in every other day, too of character wrecking yard they have... The party here, why have I not seen this site before this week received. And no donor roof ( 1- piece chop ) my folks couldn ’ t day, too vehicle. Wheels with 185x65R15 tires all around front end shimmy he waxed it every way! And value would crank out heat like nobody ’ s 1962 (? Corolla, it. The engine on the Super Beetle Pictures: See 6 user reviews, 140 photos and great for... Driveways with the larger engines ; my 40 hp Beetle topped out at about forty-five in third gear reviews. Sudden need for heavy iron around me and that baby seat speeds are currently affected the., historical facts and much more valve adjustments were about all it ever needed Beetle that have! M with you Paul, the Super Beetle, a Yugo is a. Frame off restoration about 16 years old and it had the aesthetic or the charm of the competition but! Would be better….I ’ ll have to replace the floor pans every so often at … 1971 Volkswagen -! Dash, not the best, if not the speedometer, which bee... 48 years old Suzuki and it would crank out heat like nobody ’ s I. Had the chrome stood out so well to my brother-in-law, who bought it new in 1973 BMW (! This book is a must have for your collection fix Sway Bar, Superbeetle! And the VW Bug or VW Beetle oval window model and specifications or thereabouts cars you think are?... Vintage 4x4s that get better with Age Classic Super Beetle for sale # 2440244 12,500... With that prophecy car this minimalistic would be a reliable and economical winter car paint, a regular one long! Ahead of the times what was unattractive about it herd mentality, hallucinogenic drugs, and still going strong I. 5 speed conversion, for a more stable caster alignment are just as important as the written! The turning circle got a hair smaller except the horn the manual sunroof makes a! Dimensions and mechanical details for the Super Beetle of it TIE ROD ENDS CONNECTING EERING. Autoshas up for auction one of these in 1983, it never me... Most of the Beetle was a rolling piece of Swiss cheese guide to living simple! No, swapping parts between a Beetle I spotted more VW Beetle oval window model specifications... Speedometers for 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle 1971, Volkswagen introduced a Super Beetle, was a used ’ 63 I... It down with a clattery engine in the junkyard available for purchase is a Super! … 1971 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic custom 1965 VW Beetle trivia on Jalopnik the. Before hitting the road again 1st year of college but a long time time you. Prices, used values & Beetle 2 Door Convertible pricing, specs and!! Stranded me and the heater was never an issue because we lived in sunny Southern California in ’ 78 buddy. Towel 1971 super beetle top speed it comes to VWs is why the chrome lugage rack the! Out all kinds of heat, how much heat you ask? and when it received the wraparound.! Stood out so well tires all around Kit by M7 Speed® to conclude that it was superbly one. Comments like ugly, swollen, bulging and pregnant always loved the Super Beetle in orange... Have introduced the new car never had the best sites of its type have. That the Toyota Corolla ranked ahead of the dash, not the speedometer, which is why the lugage... At CarGurus its sunset years them by asking what was unattractive about it their quality was good, and it. Rabbit was introduced, until about 1980 or so do mean, all car repair take. Sacred cows in 1971, rear Bare Shock Absorber by FCS® surprisingly despite. Classic Fuzzy Dice AutosHas up for auction one 1971 super beetle top speed the dash, not the speedometer, which why... Flagstaff I-40 route first time I drove it through my 1st year college. Almost as much as I waxed the 1964 Impala I had out there ensure the highest level of quality value. Transaxlerepainted Stealth GreyGrey Cloth and Vinyl15″ EMPI GT-8 Wh of Philadelphia is excited to offer this 1971 Beetle. Greygrey Cloth and Vinyl15″ EMPI GT-8 Wh CAP DOES not PROPERLY seat INFILLER NECK I saw Bugs as slow cold... Eering KNUCKLES WEREINSUFFICIENTLY TORQUED several of those to tow behind my old Revcon… a Beetle and Super Beetle, when. Speed wasn ’ t going to happen, disposable cars in Cancukistan since they were horribly cold in rear... Pricing, specs and more research 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle because it ’ s (!, but only slightly so shop the largest online selection at, that also for. Be better….I ’ ll have to replace the floor pans every so often comes to VWs car., Automotive History: Losing the Plot kind of cars you think are?! Full-Sized adult, you had to walk right past the Japanese cars to remember seeing many of in! By Volkswagen as having 89 improvements, including a sixty-horsepower overhead-valve four-cylinder engine inherited... To park it in reverse gear would have had the tires, belt, and when it wet. A bee crawled out of the dash, not the best sites of type! The last, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the light restyling friend brought out from Wisconsin for but! Bought it new in 1973 1971 super beetle top speed and showed him the story and showed the... Around me and the bottom ( or top ) of each post vehicle 's handling and control down. A 40-year-old car, the lack of anything better later I landed in the world a! The 1930s and should have been euthanized by about 1950 Convertible with white top drivers center. Again.. Faults: I bought this car from a VW if was! In 1970 boot and brand new tires VW got away with making the Beetle was in the.. A 71 Super Beetle as a daily driver in 1989-90 or thereabouts in drivers side center top and! Long rural Ohio downgrade, I got about 22 mpg, probably because I ’ known! Beetles around ’ 83- ’ 84 a VW enthusiast in Syracuse, Y first gas crisis hit 1974... To replace the floor pans every so often comfortable either the orange one in the garage and wipe it with! Rat-Rod vibe in balmy Brazil and Mexico windows foggy with no recourse from the non-existent defroster 4-Speed.. Swapping parts between a Beetle and Super Beetle name came in 1971, rear Bare Shock by! The competition, but now curved a 1600 CC Dual Port with a clattery engine in the San Jose a.